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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Two completely different memes

1. (Gakked from rachel_wilder: If you had me under your command and could make me writeanything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybodyeven writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it mightbe, what would you love to see me write?

2. Gakked from wolfshark:Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

Just, you know. Check my interests. I'll probably have an opinion or three.


Hmmm...I'm reaching way, way back, but I want to know what your personal canon version of Mulder is.

1. Today, he'd be called high functioning Asperger's. It doesn't help that he was raised in an emotionally repressed household, but he'd have problems anyway. This is why he looks practically no one in the eyes and why his face so often lacks affect.

2. He genuinely loves Scully, but in his head, she's taken the place of his sister. Her being abducted didn't help.

3. He's very confused about how he feels about Krycek. He knows he should hate him.

4. He's scared of Skinner, but also respects him.

5. His father has known about his son's paternity since the beginning. Nevertheless, the head of the FBI got a phone call the day Mulder graduated from Quantico. "Take care of my boy." Mulder will never know that.

6. He does not own a car, as much as he enjoys driving.

7. He does not need to live on his FBI salary, but the biggest item in his budget is clothes. This is because he's found out that being well-dressed is about the only way to get respect when you don't meet anyone's eyes.

8. He knows everyone thinks he's weird, but he doesn't know how to do anything about it.

(On non-canoncial, but, well. He's in love with both Krycek and Skinner, he's had hardly any sex since Phoebe Greene, who broke him, and the Conspiracy tried to make him telepathic, but only succeeded in created an empath who doesn't understand normal human emotion. He's regarded as a failure.)

Ooh! Very, very interesting!

Mulder has always been hard for me. I could get into Krycek's and Scully's heads - I could practically channel Skinner - but Mulder was hard.

That last bit was a theory I was working on, because it's pretty clear they were trying for telepathy and they seemed to regard Mulder as a failure and...well, he is broken.

I'd love to see you write Jet Black/Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop.

Blink. Yeah. I could see that.

I'd love to see House and Horatio Kane sit down and talk (I'd also love to see Horatio and Simon Illyan talking over coffee). And I don't recall if teh various CSIs are in your list if fandoms, but if so, Horatio.

Ah. David Caruso fan.

I know the character, but not so well as to write him.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

1. He was relieved when Voldemort was defeated the first time, and he was terrified when he returned.

2. Most of his money comes from Narcissa. He's scared of Narcissa.

3. Draco is a disappointment to him because he's not as driven, or as cunning. He thinks the boy is a coward. It was his idea to have Draco kill Dumbledore.

4. He is exactly the bigot he is portrayed as.

5. He's fully aware of how beautiful he is.

1) Jane Lindskold's Athanor universe.

2) Cordelia Naismith.

Huh. I don't know the first.

The second...

1. She loves her sons. All three of them. And wishes they could all have grown in less toxic surroundings. She hates that she couldn't rescue Mark, but did her best with Miles and Gregor.

2. If she could have described her perfect daughters-in-law, well. None are, but Ekaterin is strong enough to stand against Miles, Kareen has enough common sense to take care of Mark, and Laisa - well, she's smart and sweet and Gregor loves her. That's good enough for Cordelia.

3. She'd cheerfully die for Aral. She's already killed for him. And she doesn't split hairs - Bothari was a weapon that she wielded.

4. She pitied Bothari. She never feared him.

5. She used to dream of leaving Barrayar someday in the far future. She now knows that will never happen.

6. She will never get why the military fascinates Aral and Miles, but that's just one more thing she will never get.

7. When Aral calls her "Dear Captain", she melts. Just a little. Even now.

The Athanor books (those out so far; there are rumors about more) are _Changer_ and _Legends Walking_. They're both brilliant; the former is more whimsical, the latter is a lot scarier. I like Changer best, but that's because I fell in love with the title character.

hm... Brent Spiner's character from Threshhold. With almost anybody. but extra-special if he's slashed with someone from Criminal Minds!

and... Giles.

Giles, huh?

1. He didn't plan on university. He thought he get his A levels and leave. Except that he had the best marks in his year, and his teachers convinced to stay on and get O levels in English, and even got him a scholarship to Oxford.

2. When he got there, he spent one term being the bad boy, but didn't like te attention. Ethan taught him how to act posh.

3. He and Ethan started out getting girls together, but ended up just together. Ethan was his first. He wasn't Ethan's.

4. He hates his fellow Watchers and always have. Stuffy, hidebound fools.

5. He loved playing the father - especially for Buffy, but for all of them. Except the vampires. But he loved Buffy most of all.

6. He will never forgive Angel for killing Jenny. He knows it was really Angelus, and he accepts that Buffy loves him (and Spike), but it doesn't matter. It was that body who killed her.

Meme #1

Neville and Narcissa in the HP!verse -- because I get an odd sense of sweetness about them which I think you could do justice to.

Re: Meme #1

I can't see it. *Shrug* Neville's too young and Narcissa wouldn't touch a blood traitor - even if he's as pureblooded as she is.

1. A fic in which the Toscanes are non-observant Jews, and Gregor and Laisa's firstborn son decides to become observant.

2. Jim Ellison.

1. Good thing vat protein is probably pareve. But he should avoid the bug butter. :) (I have wondered about Komarr. Dov Galen is a name I could hear pop up in shul.)

2. Jim. One of our emotionally stunted poster boys.

1. The Army put him through college and grad school, where he majored in history.

2. He comes from old money, which is why his clothes are all good-quality and well-worn. He also owns the building in which he lives. Blair does not know this. (This is money from a trust fund that he got access to after he turned 21.)

3. He has never let anyone so deeply into his life so quickly as he has Blair. Not even Caroline, which is one of the reasons their marriage failed.

4. His abilities come with a sense of guardianship to his city, which is why he accepts all the difficulties they present. He can't do his real job without them.

5. There isn't a real mystical bond between the two of them, but he can't function without Blair's intuitive sense of what would work. In fact, whatever else their relationship is, Jim can't function without Blair anymore. He knows this. So does Blair. So does Simon. None ever talk about it.

6. Putting #5 aside completely, Jim is in love with Blair, too. He finds him annoying and exasperating, but Blair's the center of his life. He knows that, too.

7. Sexually speaking, Jim is on the bi side of gay. He got married because he does like women and did love Caroline, and it would make his life almost normal. So his love for Blair doesn't phase him.

8. He's already made Blair his heir and his beneficiary, and there's an account set up in case he's incapacitated. Blair, again, knows nothing about this. Jim did this within a month of Blair's moving in.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

1. She's not comfortable in skirts and does not know how to wear them properly, but she doesn't hate them quite as much as she pretends.

2. She's not in love with Laurence, but she likes him far more than she did Emily's father and is glad he has the teaching of her. Also, he's very good in bed.

3. She cannot imagine living a different sort of life, nor would she ever want her daughter to be confined to drawing room and carriage, but there are times she wishes it were possible to be a captain and a lady.