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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts on SGA "The Ark" (with a bit of SPN)

Oh, John.

He may not want to die, but he doesn't exactly have problems with tossing his life away, does he? (Okay, he had a chance to fly a shuttle, but that was just cover.)

Just like Dean.

Oh, boys.

More spoilers

I think it was more the threat to his 'family' - in this case Tayla. It is unclear to me that if there were just 1000 strangers to be saved he would have done this (although just typing the sentence makes me sure he would have).

Incidentally, did anyone else feel rather repulsed by the civilization that was 'saved'. (In quotes because you can't rebuild a hi-tech civilization from 1000 people, even with the caches I'm sure they have on the surface). It seems to me that the leadership pulled off a multi-generation bait and switch, deceiving several hundred million people so that 2000 would live. Given that the Wraith are NOT in the habit of destroying entire civilizations, this seems to be the wrong decision from the greatest-good-of greatest-number perspective.

Re: More spoilers

He might or might not have done that for 1000 strangers, but for his family (which I think certainly includes Weir and Beckett and probably includes everyone else on Atlantis)? Yeah.

And I was completely disgusted by that "solution" - 2000 people can not rebuild. It's not enough of a base - and everyone else died for *them*?

If it weren't for Teyla, I think they should have left them in their bottle.

Re: More spoilers

I'm glad I wasn't the only one bothered by the "solution." It smacked of some sort of intellectual eugenics to me. Yeah, yeah, great poets and scientists. To some people that makes them more worthy of saving, but I don't really buy it. I don't think a poet would be the most useful person when "rebuilding" a society from scratch. You'd find a carpenter or a farmer very handy, but I guess those folks aren't heroic enough to be deemed save-worthy.
And nuking an entire planet to save the people from a culling seems on the extreme side.
I don't know, the whole episode seemed a bit off to me.