Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

More Spoilery Heroes thoughts

Okay, a tad more coherent. Maybe.

jonbaker thought that this was how it was going to go - Nathan would fly his brother away. And so I wasn't surprised, but when it actually happened - and I was already crying because I was watching heroes - people willing to risk their lives for someone or something else.

And vindication - Nikki's power isn't being two people. That's her weakness. Nikki is super-strong, and when she accepted that, she could do great things. And that's a scary thing she did right there,and she did it.

Peter, demanding to be shot because, yeah, Peter could not live with being the murderer of so many people - and sweet little Claire about to do the hardest thing ever because it was the right thing to do. And...jumping out a window like any other Immortal to do it.

And even if Sylar didn't stay dead (how?), Hiro did what he needed to do, just like a Hero should. Yatta.

Parkman - nebbishy Parkman who doesn't even understand his own power - knows that you don't break a promise like that to a little girl. Mohinder knowing that saving life means being responsible for it. Molly made them both heroes. And oh, my goodness. *Worse* than Sylar. Volume 2 will be amazing.

And the very name - the thing I want to know is the former generation - Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli's powers, Mr. Deveraux's power (I have an idea - he can talk to the future - but I'm not sure. I am sure that Mrs. Petrelli can tell the future somehow. Or Mr. Petrelli could.)

And with this - Linderman's machinations come to nothing. The nightmare of five years in the future does not happen. New York is safe. Hiro is back in time without his Ando by his side (and Hiro was right - Ando's one of them, too. Because he was terrified of Sylar and terrified of dying and had no skills and no powers but he still went after Sylar, and taught him more than Hiro's father did. And...oh, my.)

Funny, huh? It was almost unheralded. Most of the ads are for fantasy or comic book based movies. And it's a live action comic book.

And it's showing how television could be - how to manage a long, multi-threaded arc, how to create real suspense and how to build characters.

And, for a change, I'm not wondering how they can top or equal this. Because this universe they've created is so rich that I have no worries at all.

But. *Sob*.

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