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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

The fish store man said they'd be open until 7:30 today. I was counting on that for my salmon for Thursday, when I have guests.

I got there at 6PM, and could get there no earlier, and they were CLOSED. As were all the other food stores. I was completely sunk - the only thing I could think was to make a canned salmon pasta salad, and while I had enough for a meal maybe, it would be very close, and I'm making pasta for Jonathan and me tonight. I called Jonathan and literally screamed at him.

I only hope he's already left work to go to a supermarket (I'll have to rinse off the fish,and Mitchell had better be satisfied if it's farmed salmon because there isn't time to go looking for anything else) to get what I need. And if I'm lucky, he'll get here in time for me to put it in the oven so I can start cooking it before Yom Tov. I want to serve it cold - I have to go to shul on Thursday morning for yizkor so I can't stay home to cook, I'm making fleishig on Wednesday night and I can't cook on Wednesday for Thursday. But if I start the cooking before yom tov starts, I'll be okay.

It's a complete and utter *mess*.

ETA;Jonathan went to Whole Food, which is on his way home. He's buying ridiculously expensive wild salmon and he'll be home in an hour. This same wild salmon? Half price at my local fish store. *sigh* But brother-in-law will not eat farmed salmon if he can avoid it, for environmental reasons.


whew! at least he got the fish. o.O

Yep. And some fresh fruit and he's on his way home. Yay!

Oh, no! That's definitely not how one wants to ramp up to Yom Tov. :P

I'm glad you found a workable solution, though. Chag sameach!

It feels so strange - all of this. I don't work on Fridays and I often take the day before yom tov off, but it starts so late and I took off a day last week and I'm not working tomorrow or Monday. But one can cook on yom tov, and that makes all the difference.

Huh, I'm confused now, I always thought that farmed fish were better ecologically because the wild fish populations are dwindling so rapidly and are overfished to the point of collapse and all that (well at least if it is organic farmed fish, I guess the non-organic ones may feed the fish with all kinds of gross stuff and produce problematic waste like industrial livestock farming and such). I mean, not that I eat fish anyway, but still I thought it was bad to buy wild fish.

It's not organic vs. non-organic (Mitch only partially buys into that - he's a biologist and his specialty is pesticides.)

It's your last point - salmon farming is very bad for the environment. It leaves tremendous waste. The same for red snapper, and certain other fishes. Organic is meaningless in this case.

Trout and tilapia farming, on the other hand, are perfectly fine.

So some fish, it's preferable to get line caught fish, and salmon is one of them. (Also, they taste better.) Canned salmon, btw, is line-caught.