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It went very well. I didn't do the all night learning thing, and Jonathan came home at around 2AM and went to sleep, so we went the second minyan.

I had all the meals at home - simple ones that relied on balance to make them special - whole wheat blend spaghetti tossed with ricotta cheese and uncooked vegetables (including raw garlic) and the best olive oil my supermarket can get me plus a salad of green leaves with wine vinegar and a lesser olive oil. A cheese omelet served with sliced cantelope, green grapes and strawberries, so I had warm and soft and savory paired with cold and crisp and sweet. A standard weekday dinner of chicken breast filet, steamed spinach and sweet potato wedges with the last of a bottle of wine.

And the one company meal for Jonathan's brother and his family - slices of cantelope followed by cold salmon with dill sauce (lowfat yogurt, as tart as you can get, chopped dill and a little salt. Lemon juice if it isn't tart enough.), green salad and a hot baked potato. I think my brother-in-law put the yogurt sauce on everything. (It was probably yummy on the baked potato.) He also finished both wife and stepdaughter's salmon. We finished with ice cream - Haagen Dazs for those who could, Starbucks sugarfree for the rest of us.

Cute note: Zoe's birthfather is a part of her life, and *he's* her daddy, of course. So what is my brother-in-law? Her Mitch. As in, her little friends, following the conventions of today, address him as "Zoe's Mitch", although she is quite capable of explaining that he's her stepdaddy.

She's been watching The Wizard of Oz lately, and gotten obessed - she was even wearing "ruby slippers" - sparkly pink shoes - to show Aunt Debbie. Therefore, we spent the last part of the visit with her cuddled next to me on the floor as I read to her from my Annotated Wizard of Oz.

Why, yes, we are thrilled to have a niece. That she comes with a great mother is a plus.

Jonathan leined Ruth the second day,but I got there basically in time for yizkor, so I missed it.

Tonight, we go to a friend's for dinner and lunch will start my summer custom of main course salads - hopefully, I can find some bleu cheese.

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