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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Reads friendslist.

If it comes to the worst, I'm MamaDeb on greatestjournal.

More info here, but basically, because of an outside group targeting sponsors, LJ is permanently suspending communities and journals it deems offensive - even if they're just fictional for role playing game purposes.

This post might be flocked.


Hokay, what brought this on?

It appears to be some new anti-pedophilia group that is, without rhyme nor reason, reporting any fannish group to LJ that links to certain keywords. "Incest", "rape", "shoutu", etc.

The fact that the group is completely opaque (no mission statement, no rules, no apparent ties to law enforcement) makes me concerned.

That is ass whacked. I guess they got MySpace, now they are taking on LJ.

And they apparently got some Spanish-language discussion group on Nabokov closed down because it was named "Lolita" something.

(bangs head against wall)

Thanks to all that posted info. If it spills over into the Metalocalypse community, I'll pass on the word.

What's going on?


No, it's a scare tactic from assholes who have no power to make LJ decisions.

Actually, ten communities, including one dedicated to the novels of Nabokov, have been permanently shut down by LJ in the past few hours.

The article you link to is four days old and is related to a different rumour.

Oy. *sigh* Thanks for the correction.

Yeah. I'm suddenly glad the characters I write about are all unrelated and over 25.