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I'm alone this weekend. Jonathan is going to his 20th (oh, my goodness. 20th!) college reunion. No, I'm not going. I went twice, to his fifth and tenth, and neither were good experiences. Princeton can get overwhelming to a non-alumna, especially a non-Ivy alumna who is not a lawyer or a doctor or, really, anything but a part-time receptionist, even if she did go to Rutgers.

The other thing is that major reunions get costumes in which to march in the P-rade on Saturday. The 5th year ones were cool - attractive African print shirts with subtle 87s , in attractive shades of orange and khaki, plus our choice of available hats and whatever black or khaki bottoms our own wardrobes would supply. We were the envy of the other classes, especially the ones in fake-fur shorts.

No, I'm not kidding.

10th year were kilts and t-shirts and orange berets with black pompoms. I refused to participate in the costumes. 1. Kilts are men's clothing. 2. The largest size they had for women was size 12. HAH. Instead, I marched next Jonathan (who wore an inches too tight kilt) in a Shabbos dress and hat. It was, after all, Shabbos. Whoever ran that reunion was clearly a also Highlander fan. He even had the motto, "There can be only one."

I didn't go to the 15th, but it was...well, it was billed as a slumber party. So the costume was a robe and pajamas. Vertically striped orange and black pajamas. They apparently looked like extremely well-fed concentratin camp victims.

This year? They're apparently astronauts. The costumes are therefore orange jumpsuits with black trim. Yep, continuing the theme of incarcaration. Except for Jonathan. He'll look like an orange. With black trim. I hope someone takes pictures. And, again, *if* I were going, I'd have refused the costume. But, as a spouse, I can. Well, anyone can.

So, anyway, I'm alone this weekend. I'm going to friends for my Shabbos meals, which means all I need to do this afternoon is make coffee and set the lights. And I'll manage on Saturday night.

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