Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

We missed last week's episode - simply forgot it was being burned off.

This week's was...meh. There were some good moments. I really liked Danny's confrontation with Matt over the drugs. It may have been PSAish, but it showed me, for once, that these two men really care about each other.

I do NOT understand the lawsuit at all. I mean, a woman is claiming that she was sexually harassed by an entirely different regime in the writer's room? And for some reason, Matt's in the suit even though he wasn't even on staff at the time? I don't understand it at all. Also, I hate the lawyer.

I like Matt's secretary's chemistry with him about a thousand times more than I like him with Harriet. For that matter, I think Jordan works a million times better with Jack than with Danny. He treats her with a touch more respect. Even if she is a girl. (Could you see CJ or Dana being treated like that? Or Natalie? Nope.)

None of the sketches were funny. None of the News 60 was funny, and one was extremely offensive.

As for the Nate Corddry plot - that one worked, but it worked because of Nate Corddry, who is wasted on this series, who sold his shock and pain and grief, and Steven Weber, who sold his concern and practicality. And kindness. I saw a lot of kindness there. Not the kindness of not wanting to give bad news (which is a kindness, and waiting until after the show was reasonable, imho), but of making a bad situation as easy as possible. "We'll fly you and your parents where you want to go. And we'll drive you right to the newsroom so you'll know as soon as anyone."

There are flashes of how this show could be. But only flashes in a rather dire mix.

And, wouldn't it have been cool if it had been in WestWingVerse? That way, we could have seen a Santos presidency without it being the focus of the show. Ah, well.
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