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It's been five years since the last time I spent a Shabbat at home alone. I've gone to a few media cons that way, and Jonathan spent a few days last summer at his parents, but that last was only on weekdays.

So, first thing I did was arrange for Shabbat meals. I don't mind having a weekday dinner alone, but not Shabbos meals. I have no choice at slash cons, and that's one of the harder things.

Dinner at the Gs was as fun as always (we go about once every month or two. And we went last week, too). We got into a discussion of 9/11, and how none of us thought Giuliani could or should ride this to the presidency - even the young conservative.

A friend walked me home, as it was 11:30. I would have been fine - lots of people coming home from dinner at that point - but I appreciated the offer, and I knew it wasn't really out of his way.

And I read for a while and went to bed. It was less odd than I'd thought to not have Jonathan snoring next to me.

I did NOT get to shul the next day - I'd decided to reread LMB's Paladin of Souls and I had to force myself to put it down in time to get dressed and go to another friend's for lunch. This is one of the ladies from my Shabbat afternoon parasha group, which she was also hosting. So after lunch (a very nice, simple lunch. Interestingly, we made kiddush over schnapps, not wine, and I was offered my choice of drink. I chose a very nice single malt that I ended up sipping throughout the meal. Yummy.), I snuggled on their couch with a Fannie Flagg book while they took naps. I got home about an hour before the end of Shabbat, which meant I could finish the Bujold book. Jonathan called me at eleven and then at 1AM.

He was having a wonderful time at Princeton reunions. It didn't hurt that his class had THE best band on campus - Blues Traveler. Seriously - for that and that alone, I'd've gone. They had people from all the other reunions there, which, well,what would you expect?

He didn't end up looking like an orange. This is because, despite the measurements we took, the jumpsuit did not fit him. He wasn't the only one, either. A significant portion of his class marched in their P-rade wearing the baseball cap, the white t-shirt and their own khaki shorts. Others had gotten the jumpsuit in time to modify it into a jacket, which he plans to do himself. People still remarked on the prison theme. He also apparently was quite a sight on Shabbat morning when he walked from the Center of Jewish Living to his dorm - with his tallis on his shoulders. He couldn't carry, you see.

He caught up with a lot of people and had a wonderful time all told, except for the weather.

As for me on Sunday? I got up late, and other than running out to buy food for dinner (he wanted "home cookin'", and so did I), I kinda spent the day online or watching television.

And it was nice to have him on the bed next to mine last night.

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