Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

SGA 3.17

Okay, I was spoiled to some degree - I knew Carson's eventual fate (and the reason) and I knew that at some point, John Sheppard would reveal that he'd been married. Otherwise, not so much. Also, I watched it with my completely unspoiled husband.

He was shocked at Carson's death. And he's really good at predicting these things, so that's well done. It also worked that most of the episode was lighthearted and fun.

Otherwise - Elizabeth's admirer? Pretty. He needs a bit more meat on his bones, but smart and funny and bearded. Yep. :) Rodney and Katie? Adorable, but he does seem to be dating her for dating's sake. Now, I do think that Rodney is, in fact, more straight than not, and clueless as to other people, so I'm not really bothered by this. It wa adorable. And sweet. And funny. And I'm glad she lived. :)

John and Ronon? Oh, my goodness. The golf game. What I'm going to assume is a Satedan school yard game (and what was going to happen in the third round? Crawling on the ground? Or is that fourth, with the third hoping and using their teeth?), and John losing badly, so they end up with tea and cake beer and pretzels and sharing life stories. So. Butch. :)

And after 8 years, he's still mourning his "close-enough" wife? Yeah, I can see that, especially since those memories have all been recently dredged up. And the years running might well be a blur to him. As for John?

I believe marriage didn't work out for him. And I also loved the truly casual way he said, "Or a man." He really doesn't care. Which only speaks to John as a person and maybe a CO, and not anything else.

John/Teyla, btw? Friendship.

Speaking of friendship? Rodney and Carson bffs? Only in a universe where John and Rodney are other than friends. But I ws sad, too. I liked Carson. He made some really bad moral choices, and he was in way over his head, but I'll miss him.

On the other hand, what happened to the other guy who died? That poor marine? No funeral for him? Or was it just skipped?
Tags: sga, sunday

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