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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I was ambushed, I swear. By a bookstore, a big, evil bookstore.

I left work at 5PM, and decided I needed a new book. I deserved a new book. I'd been reading old books for weeks now. So, instead of getting on the bus for home, I went to the local Barnes and Noble. There was the new book table, filled with new books. And I picked one up. A nice little book, a hardcover, about uniforms. It looked like fun. So I took it into the cafe and got a cafe au lait and sat down. Two hours later, I emerged, having read the entire book.

It was fun.

And then I decided I needed to get books to actually, you know. Buy. So I took the escalator down to the fiction section and first went into the children's section to see if there were any Chanukah books. Big display of Christmas books, another of Thanksgiving books, and I kept searching for the Chanukah ones. Finally, I found them. Not a big table display, but two end caps, with a fairly decent selection. So, that was fine. And on my way out, I picked up the mass market paperback edition of Sorcerer's Stone because I can't find either of our two copies.

Then I went to the SF section. I just finished Methusaleh's Children, so I needed to read Time Enough for Love. I know we have at one copy, but I can't find it. So I got another. And I'm reading Elizabeth Moon's Hunting Party again, so, of course, I had to get the sequel, which I. Can't find.

Then I decided to pick up Misty Lackey's Once a Theif dispite my disappointment in most of her books after The Last Herald Mage.

In other words, in my quest for new books, I bought three old books and one new book in an old universe with overly familiar characters.

That darn bookstore!

In a sadder note, I just got an email from my old rebbitzen. A friend of mine is desperately ill, and it's awful. She survived one bout of breast cancer years ago, and saw her kids grow to wonderful adults. But. Last time I saw her, she was wearing a scarf (not a good sign - she doesn't cover her hair) and was thinner. And, now. This.

She's a good lady. The world will be poorer.


{hugs} I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Don't expect too much from Once a Thief either. It's not awful, though.

I was of that mind too
Exiles honor? the alberich book- well it may be beacause he's been one of my favorite charecters (please my forgive my spelling at 5am) but I really liked it.
I liked the Serpent shadow book, and while there are entire books that i feel arnt as good I also fell that many had more than one high point. EH made me want to re-read the breaking storms and co. books, check it out- I felt a sense of improvement.

You've got to watch out for those bookstores; they can be sneaky. I was once ambushed by a used book store across the country (Other Change of Hobbit, actually), and when I protested that I couldn't carry any more on the plane the fine folks there said "that's ok; we can ship". And I was doomed. :-)

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.