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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I finally bought my suit for my mother's wedding. It took several tries - this was the third clothing shop we'd gone into (we because jonbaker was with me. He has a very good eye for these things.)

It also happened the the store was having a clearence sale but also had things in my size. And I ran into a friend of mine, so I had extra input.

I ended up with two outfits. One is "slinky" - a sort ofslippery knit. It's three pieces - a black skirt, a black shell and a purple and black jacket. The purple gloes. The skirt needs to be shortened (Jonathan: "You don't do alterations here, like in the men's stores?" Saleswoman: blank looks.), and I need to sew on a couple of buttons.

The other is a very plain plum 3-piece suit. The jacket just hits my hips, and is shaped to my waist. The skirt is a tad tight in the waist, but that can be remedied and I'm bloated right now. This skirt also needs shortening (short person here), as do the jacket sleeves. I also need to wear a shell under it. I'm going to wear this to mom's wedding, plus it will work as a Shabbos suit. I'll wear the other outfit to other weddings.

Now all I'll need is shoes (I'm thinking ballet flats) and maybe a hat. If I can find one for under $100, which is what the suit costs.


Congrats on your new purchases.

Thank you!

Wear them in good health, and for many simchas!

Thank you!

speaking of weddings, i saw you two as you were leaving a certain engagement party today, but i couldn't roll down my car windows fast enough to scream "hi!" down the block before you turned the corner onto that little dinky street.

That dinky little street led us to Eichlers...where we bought nothing.

this is starting to sound like a tragic tale of woe :-P

Nah. An hour later, I had my new clothes. Jonathan was just looking for a certain book and it wasn't there.

How hard can it be to find a hat under $100?

Did you know that I custom make hats?


In Brooklyn? Hah!

But your prices are very reasonable...what would you need to build me a hat? And can you make hats that will cover all my hair?

Just send me a picture of what you have in mind. I can build my own hat bodies to any size or shape. Depending on the style you want, I can tell you how to take measurements.

Cool! I think I know what I'd like. I can even send you a sample of the suit after I get the skirt shortened - you know, for color matching. Should I contact you via your etsy page?

Contact me at Rivkasmom AT earthlink DOT net. A Swatch of fabric would be fabulous, and if you save all of the scraps, I could probably make some roses from it to go on the hat!