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Harry Potter 2

Several points.

1. The movie was, despite its 161 minutes, too short. Rowling's books are dense with foreshadowing and missing one thing can lead to other changes. Case in point - the "no magic outside of school" rule. In the book COS, it was rather rigidly enforced, such that when Dobby caused Harry to use magic, there was an immediate owl sent to the Dursley's. This comes into play in the third book, where Harry uses magic on his "Aunt" Margery, which, according to that letter, is cause for him to be expelled from Hogwarts. If they hadn't been so worried about Sirius Black the PTB in the Wizarding world might have done it, too.

In the movie, there was no consequences of that sort to Harry's use of magic in his uncle's house, nor was there any for using the car. For that matter, Hermione would have gotten into trouble for repairing Harry's eyeglasses. The rule is *no magic for Hogwart's students outside of Hogwart*, not "no magic in front of muggles." But, that being the case, why would Harry leave home in the third movie?

I believe that a television miniseries would be a better format for these books. They need the room. I can't imagine how they'll do Goblet of Fire.

Richard Harris broke my heart. I could see the effort he put in to do this part, to be Dumbledore. I don't know who will play Dumbledore now - I'm hoping for Sir Ian.

It's going to be a pleasure watching these kids grow up. They're real looking kids, not just pretty face. Ron's actor, especially,was wonderful. And, yes, Draco was miniSpike.

And that leads me to my final point.

Lucius Malfoy.


Let me repeat.


I'm surprised I didn't drool all over my husband. I've rarely been so taken by someone on screen. In fact, while I admit to staring more than a bit at Paul Gross and David Duchovny, this was *more* than that. I just. My goodness. He's pure sex. His voice had just the right timbre for my buttons, his manners, his hair, his...

He could give magnificent bastard lessons to Lionel Luthor.

I wonder if he has?

And I have this delicious scene building. One where Lucius, having lost his servant and his plot to rid Hogwarts of Dumbledore, goes to let off his anger by using the same boy he'd used when he himself was in Slytherin. In the best traditions of British boarding schools, of course.

And there's Snape, unwillingly on his knees, doing what he did as a student...


Is it a requirement of Slytherin that one must be gay? And what does that say about Harry?

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