Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Bandwagon? Why Not? Fifty Reasons I love Comics

Mostly DC-centric.

1. Most powerful person in the DC universe? Barbara Gordon.
2. Lois Lane is tougher/scarier than her husband. In either identity.
3. Clark Kent really doesn't want his powers, but if he has to have them, he'll use them well.
4. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are the smartest, richest men on the planet. They are NOT each other's arch nemesis.
5. Birds of Prey
6. Gail Simone
7. Young Justice
8. The classic Green Lantern uniform.
9. And its variations.
10. Nightwing
11. His uniform - elegant *and* functional. Also sexy.
12. "They were his colors." Oh, Tim.
13. "We were Legion." (Shivers)
14. Every version of the Legion, ever. Including "Legion Lost".
15. Froggy Nelson.
16. James Robinson's Starman redefining superhero.
17. And Solomon Grundy.
18. That after 25 years, the art blew me away.
19. Joan Garrick
20. Iris West
21. Their husbands, nephew, grandson.
22. That in the seventies, Jean Loring was the JLA lawyer.
23. Ralph and Sue. Always and forever.
25. That I could drop them for 25 years and two crises, plus several changes of mantle and abilities and still know where I was.
26. Alfred Pennyworth
27. Big Seven JLA
28. That a vigilante, an alien and an Amazon are icons.
29. Heroes that don't need powers, and powers that don't define heroes.
30. Stargirl
31. "Young Justice: Sins of Youth" and visions of a possible future
32. Kyle Rayner, who had herodom thrust upon him.
33. Apollo and Midnighter
34. Captain Marvel - wisdom and innocence combined.
35. Dinah Lance (may she never be Dinah Lance Queen)
36. Men in spandex
37. Elseworlds
38. Multiverses
39. That sometimes death is permanent.
40. That Batman creates families despite himself.
41. Over and over again.
42. Dick, Tim and Jason are brothers. Whether they want to be or not.
43. All the incarnations of the Titans.
44. Alex Ross's art
45. Justice League International
46. Alex Maleev's art
47. Gotham Central
48. Ma and Pa Kent
49. That sometimes death is not permanent.
50. Barbara Gordon.
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