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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This is being written on the fly at work.
Harry Potter, spoilers for HP2 and GoF.

I should have ducked into a classroom when I heard his stride. He walked like he owned Hogwarts. He walked like he owned... And when I heard those footsteps, my pride - my damnable, foolish pride, would not let me hide.

My pride, and something else. I waited, leaning against the wall. His robes swirled around his legs, echoing the anger in his face. He stopped.

"Oh, my. It's my traitor." Malfoy smiled. "That Potter brat cost me my elf. Is that what Stumbledore lets you teach the children, Severus?"

His voice cut through me. I was eleven again, and he was prefect; I was thirteen and he was Head Boy. I tried not to take a deep breath.

I smiled back. "Oh, no. Now who'll perform those...services that Narcissa will not? Elves can afford to be...picky these days."

He leaned closer. He smelled of mint and snow, even on this hot summer's day. He brushed the back of his fingers against my cheek. "As you once did, my traitor?"

Traitor, indeed. I could not help my shiver of desire, nor the nausea in my stomach. "Nor more traitor than you, Lucius. You think your Dark Lord will forgive you for living in luxury all these years?

(more later)


Do we know if Lucius knows Snape's a traitor at this point? I got the impression - from the way Snape treats Malfoy fils, that he doesn't.


There goes the whole story, darn you with your excellent and pointed questions.


Maybe not. Just need to take a different tack.


Mama, how do you manage to say so much, so powerfully, in so few words?

More? Please?