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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I spilled coffee on my keyboard Friday afternoon.

The keyboard that came with the new Dell computer - as plain vanilla as a black keyboard cane be. Nice small footprint, too. So, it was upsetting.

I bought a new one today - simplest one I could find at the local Staples. I wanted the Logitech for $12, but it was gone, so I got a somewhat fancier and more expensive one that at least had a cord. Didn't want to spend for a cordless.

Yeah, we're cheap, but also? Not really using the keyboard for anything but the basics anyway.

So. I'm using the old one still. Some of the keys were sticky at first use but otherwise, I haven't had a problem with it.

So. Has nothing we don't use. Has a small footprint without losing functionality. Is impervious to coffee.



I've found cordless keyboards to be far less reliable than corded ones as well as more expensive. If you use the keyboard at a desk, there's no real need for a cordless one.

Personally I prefer an ergonomic keyboard (I've been typing on one for ten years, so typing on a regular keyboard makes me feel as if I'm typing with both hands on the same keys), but cordless doesn't seem to be worth the extra money.

That's what I think - more to go wrong, chancier operation and nothing to be gained by it.

I've never used an ergonomic keyboard.


Spilling drinks on keyboards is bad. Spilling them on laptops is dire. My daughter is suffering some problems due to the fact that hers really does not care for red wine.

Yeah - something tells me that if I ever get a laptop, I'll keep the beverages away from it.

However, this is the first beverage spill I've had in years - and that's with habitually keeping a cup of coffee on my desk at work.

I wonder if this thumb thing is making me clumsier than I already am.