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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Arrgh! NO!

So. Dinah Lance is going to make a REALLY bad mistake and marry Ollie Queen.

Who is the posterboy for bad husband material. Not that he'd be alone in that poster - the wonder is that there are so many good spouses around - but he'd be front and center. And their relationship has been temultuous at the best of times. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean a bad marriage, but if they enter into this with the expectation that things will calm down - that doesn't work. I think we all know couples who got married in a hope of saving a relationship.

No. Bad mistake. The only way to make this realistic is to have them divorce before the year is out, and in a spectacularly nasty way that would poison everything else, including Dinah's relationship with Roy.

Who is a member of the team she LEADS.

So *why* are they doing this? Here's Black Canary, and when she'd done well, you stop noticing the fishnets and start noticing that even without her power, she's one of the toughest and smartest fighters in DCU. And she's done most of it as a Bird of Prey or in the JSA or on her own - not as Ollie's girlfriend. Being Ollie's girlfriend has never been good for her. People respect Canary. Or they did.

And, you know? Her adopting Sin? Is cool. Her taking time out to be a mother to Sin? Is also cool. Because she'll be beating up the bad guys again anyway.

But this wedding stuff - Wedding Planners and Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and what have you? You know what it feels like? It feels like, "Hey, we want to get more girls reading our comics! But what do girls want?"

Not good plots, apparently. Not good art. Not believable acting (let's not even touch believable looking, given the men) adult women in leading roles (or adolescent women ditto). Nah, girls don't want that. Girls want to see *weddings*! They want to see Dinah Lance dithering over wedding dresses and cakes and lingerie. (I can't even imagine this.) They want to see Superman flying out of a cake. That's what girls want - all frilly and cute things.

And, yeah, some do. I had a wedding with lace and roses and bridesmaids in pink, which is what I wanted. But. Never once did I get giddy or dither (except for the very first gown I tried on. That was fun. But then it became work and I bought the third one.) Otherwise - well, I was in my late twenties and I knew what I wanted. Presumably, Dinah knows even more - and fishnets or no, she doesn't strike me as the lace and frills and princess type. Or the "oh, my goodness. I can't manage!" type. Or the Bridezilla type, if it comes to that. (Wedding done well? Donna Troy's. Which, btw, featured fully covered everyone. Even Starfire was covered from head to toe. It was *lovely*. Dated, but lovely.)

And one issue - a special, a Green Arrow - devoted to wedding? Yeah. That would work. But a special plus things in both Countdown *and* JLA? Especially in JLA? Ick. And going to turn off the boys big time, so it has to be to get in the girls. And, as JLA is not True Romance comics, is a big mistake.


I drew the same conclusion here--this is what girls are supposed to like. And just...no.

I just got back from my brother's wedding, and while his wife obviously also went through planning, she got the princess effect without turning into an idiot. Girls who go totally like that are generally girls who are just like that.

And it's just NOT Dinah. In fact, it's hard to see a superhero or someone connected with one being that way.

Lois and Clark had a perfectly grand wedding and neither went nuts - because Lois is Lois.

(In a fight, I'd back Lois and Barbara against Clark and Bruce. Any time.)

Argh. What is it with this marriage fixation anyway? Why can't they just cohabitate? It's not like they need the tax benefits.

There's more to marriage than that, I think. I do know a number of people who happily lived together for years before getting married - and then got divorced, so marriage does change things. In this case, not for the better.

And, hey, they tried the living together thing, too.

I honestly don't know what Dinah does for money now that she's not a Bird anymore, but she's not mercenary enough to marry Ollie for his.

we went dress shopping last week - shay only made it through two. she bought the second one :)

does anyone else remember the stink they made when dick and kori were shown sharing a bed without the benefit of marriage? if girls are gonna read comics - and i'm a girl! - it's gonna be because the stories are good. not because it's *romantic*. puleeze.

Oh, that's stopped being a problem. I remember a few years ago, during the Judd Winick run on Green Lantern (I need to rant about Kyle again), when Kyle's assistant Terry came out as gay.

A boy saying he was gay made the comic inappropriate for teen-agers, but Kyle and Jade waking up naked in bed together? That was fine. (I'm bothered by the hypocrisy, of course.)

While I really liked Green Arrow and Black Canary in the animated JLU series, from what I've seen in the comics, they are at best an on-again-off-again pair. They'll keep circling around each other for their entire lives, but they'd be disastrous married.

Exactly. They love each other - I don't think they'll ever love anyone else. But they can't be together without being torn apart.

Can I link to this, please? Because you've really hit the nail on the head about what DC thinks the girlies want.

Sure. I'd be honored.

Thanks, Mama Deb, here's the link:


Not many people read my blog, but the ones who do will really like your take on the upcoming trainwreck, I mean, wedding.

While I am not into frilly and cute, Superman flying out of a cake sounds good. :)

Hey, I'd buy a floppy with that in it. :)

See my reply to indigocat - Superman is wearing more than anyone else in the room, except maybe Oracle.

And his wife is there.

Not the way they're doing it:


Not being a DC fan (other than of the animated stuff), I can't comment directly, but I would like to say that I love the way the various spider-man writers have written Mary Jane (Watson) Parker and Peter Parker since JMS started doing ASM. Do they bicker? yes. Does MJ worry and occassionally nag? yes. Does she have her own career? yes. Can she defend herself? yup, especially when she's holding a cue stick.

Does she love Peter more than either of them can express? Hell yes.

And back when she was drawn by John Romita Jr, she looked incredible while still looking very realistic. Even though I'm a guy, I never got into that good girl/bad girl art that seems to infect so much of the DC comics I do happen to see.

That's very good to know (the only Marvel I read is Daredevil.) It sounds like Clark and Lois.

But that makes the comiquette even more egregious.