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Flash #13 (and the lastest JLA)

I cried while reading this. I knew where it was going, and I was angry as well as sad.

Bart Allen was robbed of everything. He didn't have a childhood because he aged so fast - twelve years by the age of two. His experiences until that point? Entirely simulated because he couldn't interact with the real world. When he was finally "cured", he was taken out of his own time and family to be raised by others.

And he was good for that. He loved his foster mother and his guardian, and he met other heroes his own age, plus he had normal friends - even a girlfriend - at school, and he had his own name - Impulse. He was a founding member of Young Justice, which was one of Peter David's masterpieces. He was funny and smart and, yes, impulsive, and the very personification of enthusiasm. He was joyful to read both in his own book and with the other kids.

Then editorial fiat ended Young Justice and turned them into Teen Titans. And Impulse became Kid Flash, and moved in with the Garricks. And that lasted two years in real time. And since he lost his own comic, we only saw him there, really. I think he aged a year or so, maybe - age fourteen. Just beginning adolescence.

And then they aged him again. He grew up in moments to the age of 20. He may know everything in the library but he's had had no formal schooling, so he's a mechanic, and then in cop training (just like Grandpa Barry.) So he's missed all of adolescence and all of his friends are still kids - those who are still alive, I mean. Plus he's too old to stay with even the Garricks. He's still Bart - still impulsive and still just good, but the joy is gone.

And he was finding his way as the Flash, and as a hero and as a man, and now he's dead.

I'm glad Wally's back, and I know that internal DCU logic doesn't have his death the price of Wally's life, but two Flashes are enough, I suppose, so good-bye Bart. Who only was given part of a life.
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