Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Wedding Issue

I have no problems with the idea of a (generic) superheroine getting married. I have no problems with the idea of making the wedding a Special Event. I do have a problem with bachelor/bachelorette parties, but that's in general and nothing to do with comics. I don't even have problems with the bride getting all excited about the idea because, well, brides do.

I have a MAJOR problem with Dinah Lance marrying Oliver Queen. I think that *this* particular couple are better off as they are and that this marriage would end in disaster and hurt many people in the process. I really do believe Ollie would make an even worse husband than boyfriend - but makes a wonderful best friend. And I find it very out of character that Dinah would get *clumsy* at the prospect of planning a wedding.

Maybe because I just attended a wedding where the bride ran a convention at the same time and did both with grace and dignity.

And I really do believe that most of the people who are objecting to the BC/GA wedding are objecting to the same things I am, not the idea of a super wedding in general.

Yes, I also believe it's pandering to girls, but, hey, that's fine with me.
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