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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

For some reason, the guys in my office have decided to be very, very off-color.

(And yet, it was up to me to define "furries". And "plushies". Good thing we're not discussing slash.)

And, yeah. *Bright red*


If they're nice guys, a light-hearted "Guys, you're embarrassing me!" might do the trick.

If they're not, well ...

It did ease up - they hadn't realized I'd come back to the room from filing.

Not that Icouldn't here every word while I was filing.

tehe! Actually, you know the best way to get them to stop talk like that? Tell them about slash! IE get equal to or worse then their talk. Usually you only have to do it once or twice and they won't do it again.

I learned this when I worked for four guys who sold heating and ventilating equipment to builders. The two salesmen were bad. But after I returned a few of their quips, they got quiet. Seems the office manager before could be made to blush easily. I, however, came in corrupt and wasn't as much fun. ;-D