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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Amazons Attack!

I just bought my last issue of that. Also, my last issue of WW until Gail Simone takes over. Jodi Picoult is a fine prose writer, but comic writing is a different skill and she doesn't have it.

The plotline makes no sense, the secret weapon is ridiculous (and out of character for the Amazons, who only *look* low tech - but the entire seriesis out of character for Amazons and for Hippolyta in general - she fought for America during WWII, or has that been punched out of existence?), and for some reason, Amazons are using the term "human" in a way that implies that they're not. Which - big shock to me.

I know DC has to keep publishing WW or lose her, and it's good to see the women of DC doing something (and I actually liked the Supergirl - Wonder Girl scenes - I think Kara's top and skirt are getting longer, too) but some things.

The Amazons are wearing armored kilts - this is fine and normal. The waistbands of the kilts are at their hips. This makes zero sense. (Although I like that the mounted ones are wearing bike shorts.)

And...BEES. And concentration camps for battered women. And...no.

DC and Wonder Woman

Just FYI, DC did finally buy WW outright from the Moulton estate (or whoever held their copyright) a decade or so ago, so they're not publishing her just to hang on to the trademark: they now own her outright.

And, yeah, this series is amazingly lame.

Re: DC and Wonder Woman

I've been googling for this information, but I can't seem to find it.

It really is, for so many reasons. Lame *and* pointless. Worse - lame and destructive.

I haven't finished reading Amazons Attack, but it's not too far a stretch for me to imagine a tribe of warriors, practically immortal, had at least one department that developed military tech. Given that they tried to live peacably with each other, they probably shelved the idea of anything less close and personal than, um, arrows.

But I have no explanation for their costumes. They should all be wearing salwar kameezes in my opinion.