Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Amazons Attack!

I just bought my last issue of that. Also, my last issue of WW until Gail Simone takes over. Jodi Picoult is a fine prose writer, but comic writing is a different skill and she doesn't have it.

The plotline makes no sense, the secret weapon is ridiculous (and out of character for the Amazons, who only *look* low tech - but the entire seriesis out of character for Amazons and for Hippolyta in general - she fought for America during WWII, or has that been punched out of existence?), and for some reason, Amazons are using the term "human" in a way that implies that they're not. Which - big shock to me.

I know DC has to keep publishing WW or lose her, and it's good to see the women of DC doing something (and I actually liked the Supergirl - Wonder Girl scenes - I think Kara's top and skirt are getting longer, too) but some things.

The Amazons are wearing armored kilts - this is fine and normal. The waistbands of the kilts are at their hips. This makes zero sense. (Although I like that the mounted ones are wearing bike shorts.)

And...BEES. And concentration camps for battered women.
Tags: comics

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