Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

While the eggplant is kashering...*

I didn't see Studio 60 last night - just forgot it existed, which was a tad premature, but only a tad. Fortunately, ABC has streaming video, so I watched it this morning.

There was just so much wrong with it. Not the tidy tying of loose ends - what probably would have been a cliffhanger episode to get us into season 2 ended up a finale in time for it to be written as such. That was awkward but understandable - but how some of those ends were tied...oy.

Now, I'm not going to comment on the Nate Cordrry plot except to say that he deserves a better series - he just made this plot work, and, yeah, it had to end the way it did. And the Simon plot - he needed to apologize for wishing people dead. He just *did*, and that has nothing to do with race. Steve Webber, though - also deserves better series.

And the flash back - I feel a tad betrayed. We've been told from the first episode that Matt and Danny were fired. We were told since these last few eps started that we'll find out why Matt and Danny were fired.

Except they weren't.


No, let's get to the heart of the episode - the relationship between Matt and Danny Matt and Harriet, and between Danny (nearly said Josh) and Jordan. And I hated this. I'm not really a Matt/Danny shipper. They're just another one of Sorkin's heterosexual life partnerships, like Dan and Casey, or Josh and Sam, or Jed and Leo. Maybe Tom and Simon, too. I have other reasons for not liking the Matt/Harriet storyline - and he really went out of his way to make Harried obnoxious, didn't he?

They may love each other, but they don't *like* each other. And that's a real problem for any relationship. Nor do they understand each other. And, yeah, I really HATE the implication that either you're a right-wing, hardline, born-again Christian or you're not religious at all. Judaism is only for making political points about foreign countries (it's a show made on a Friday night. Religious Jews are automatically out.) In none of Matt's arguments with Harriet is there ever a hint that some other religion might interpret the same works differently. Mostly, though, they just don't like each other.

Also - Danny blaming Matt's drug problem on Harriet? Ugly. Her accepting it? Uglier.

As for Jordan and Danny - well. He stalked her for weeks. And then it turns out she was *waiting for him to propose*? She runs (or is supposed to run) a network - surely she could be a tad more assertive. And then - Jordan, at considerable risk to her life, has the baby, but *Danny* feels like he could conquer the world? However much he might love this baby, the creation of it had nothing to do with him. Doesn't mean he won't be a good father (other things might point to that), but it still felt. Weird.

And why didn't he have to wear a mask and gloves (well washed hands - bah!) to see Jordan after she woke up? And where were her IVs? And if Rebecca needed to be in NICU, why was there no support at that point? And...she couldn't have had Danny sign those papers before she went to surgery? Yeah, he might not have proposed, but he still considered that baby his. Although - good for her that she had them drawn out. (Why his name, though?)

My problem here is that she had so much more chemistry with Jack Rudolph that this relationship barely registers. And, there's still the fact that most important relationship for Matt and Danny is each other. It's telling that the only "I love yous" were between *them* because they're the central relationship in series. Only one who might come between them would be Rebecca.

Anyway, NOT buying this DVD.

*The best way to cook eggplant is to salt it heavily to let the bitter liquids drain. Which is similar to how one draws the blood out of meat - or kashers it.
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