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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In other news:

I bought shoes.

My current workaday shoes are about worn out. I love them, so I bought them again. And I'm taking advantage of the fact that pretty flats are currrently in style, and bought a pair for dress shoes - for Shabbat and Mom's wedding.

They're Easy Spirits, of course, and I bought them on line. I needed to buy them today or tomorrow because Tuesday is the 17th of Tammuz and I can't get new things until that week is over - or I can, but I can't wear them until after Tisha b'Av.

Which reminds me, hannahsarah = expect an email about that hat.


so is it the point of purchase that counts? like, if the shoes arrive wednesday, you can still wear them because of when you actually purchased them?

if that is the case, what happens in situations like -- so, a couple weeks ago, I bought some stuff from Title Nine, and they didn't charge my card for 5 days (that is, until they shipped the items). does stuff like that come up as a concern (like, if you bought something the day before a day when you're not allowed to buy something, but the company puts the charge through the next day, is that a problem?)

*is curious*

I'm hoping not,actually, since Easy Spirit doesn't charge until they ship, either.

I'm assuming that since I bought them in my head - that is, my money's already spent - I'm fine. Also, these are all custom, so leniency is the rule. I wouldn't wear them for the first time during the Nine Days at the end, but that's something else entirely - customs are stronger then.

I guess it only makes sense that way. I mean, not only did you buy them in your head, you clicked the button -- your active part of the transaction -- and the rest is totally out of your hands.