Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Amusement and bemusement

jonbaker turned on our living room set to watch the Macy's Parade. He'd rather be there, but we live over an hour away by subway instead of three blocks on foot. "TV is a distant second, " says he. "On TV, all you see is a tiny triangle between Matt and Katie." Also, it's 26F.

Except that the cablebox in the living room only transmitted the program crawl. This is the third time this has happened. We tend to watch mainly the bedroom set, so the last time, this lasted a week - long enough for me to *not* have taped 24 and Birds of Prey, the shows I tape on that set.

I tell Jonathan to call the cable company and give him the phone number. He gets trapped in menu hell, gets frustrated and hands me the phone. Two presses of a button and I'm talking to a nice, helpful human; five minutes later, Katie and Matt are smiling on our set. I do have to annoying as hold music is, it's even worse to get no music at all.

My contribution for the feast came out well - I'm bringing a brown basmati rice pilaf. This is as an extra side dish for my stuffing hating/meat hating brother-in-law.

And now.

A Rant at Aaron Sorkin

Okay. Media fans are weird, and Trek fans are the classic example of "geeks." And, yes, it's not appropriate for someone to wear an obvious Star Trek pin in the halls of the White House. (A less obvious one, such as a jewelry quality IDIC, should pass. Those who know what it is will smile, those who don't won't even notice.)

But. Number one, she was such a stereotypical fangirl - overweight, female, clearly middle aged (then again, points for knowing *that* stereotype as opposed to the usual one of pimply faced geek boy), obssessive about something "rational" people don't care about. Number two, Josh didn't have to humiliate her, call her fandom a "fetish." He was *right* - although he should also then ban all sports related paraphenalia and college banners and such, and perhaps religious symbols as well (in fact, *please*. No Christmas decorations, no menorahs, *nothing*. I can go into a rant about the White House Christmas tree with attendent lighting ceremony with no problems.) He had no call to insult her along the way. That is, Sorkin had no reason to insult ST and media fans. Which is what he did. And no tv producer can really afford to do that.

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