Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

July 4th thought

Last night, Keith Olbermann had another Special Comment, in which he went on national television and demanded the resignation of both Bush and Cheney.

And THIS is the strength of our nation and our constitution - he did so without fear of retribution - he is free, alive and employed this morning.

It doesn't matter if you cheered at what he said or wanted to throw stuff at the screen. Certainly, people have said things as bad about Clinton and other former presidents while they were in office. And they were also left free, alive and employed. As they should have been. Roosevelt was roundly criticized all through his administration. As he should have been.

We take these basic freedoms for granted in this country. And that is one of our strengths.

And whether you support Bush or hate him, that strength remains.
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