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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Dazed and confused

I am having the hardest time wrapping my brain around the idea that today is Wednesday,not Sunday, and that therefore tomorrow is Thursday and so I am NOT working tomorrow (I work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except that I didn't work today and today felt totally like Sunday.)

I get this same feeling with midweek religious holidays, except that then it feels like an extra Shabbat instead.

Also, we had burgers, roasted rosemary potatoes and green beans with Sam Adams Boston Ale for dinner tonight, and I rarely, if ever, drink beer. So there's that, too.

But 1776 is on now, so I'm going to watch that.


I'm having the Sunday thing too. (But I have to work tomorrow. Feh.)

I'm thinking this is not going to a very productive day out there in USAland.

I've had the Sunday feeling all day too. (But I have to go to work tomorrow, and had to remind myself to prepare a torah bit for tomorrow's service since Thursday is my day.)

Divrei torah on Thursday? I think there would be open rebellion in the shuls around there. Morning services are for getting through as quickly as possible.

Not quite, but it's kind of an odd situation.

It's like this: for reasons unknown to me, this minyan does not do the proscribed bits of torah study in the siddur. But, they do kaddish d'rabbanan. I think you can't do that without some study (at least a token), so I insert a 30-second teaching into the service. Because it's filling the study niche I do not do my own interpretation; the goal is to teach something from Chazal. That way it's always different, so it can't get rote and ignored. (It could, of course, be ignored for other reasons, but at least not because they did this yesterday.)

I've been doing parshat hashavuah for the last year and a half (you know those parsha bits I post? those), but I'd like to find something different to do come Simchat Torah. Maybe pick a tractate of talmud and teach one mishna per week? Dunno. I want to consult their rabbi (who, by now, might have some insight into their minhag -- he's now been there a year).

We watched 1776, too! Oh, it was marvelous to see scenes and hear lines & songs I haven't heard in forever! Uncut movies is da bomb!

Did you know that Nixon had "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" censored? I seriously can't imagine that happening today.

I just bought the director's cut dvd.

I had the exact same problem with thinking it was Sunday. Except that meant remembering that I do have to work today.

I get this feeling several times a year. NOT fun.

I'm so pleased TCM knows to put that on on the fourth!

It's required viewing, no? It is for us.

Mmm. Your dinner sounds yummy and festive.

nlanza says he keeps thinking today is Wednesday or Monday, which will make Saturday a nice surprise for him, I suppose. Well, at least until we get to the part of Saturday that involves shoveling dirt.