Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Sometimes, it just takes me longer

I *finally*, after two years and several re-readings, "got" the joke the Weasley Twins were making with the product they were advertising in their shop windor in HBP.

I got the primary meaning of U-No-Poo immediately (and it would be an effective treatment for diarrhea. In fact, I can see medical uses for a number of their products - the Vomiting Pastilles in their entirety and the anti-hemorrhagic in Nosebleed Nougats in particular. Should be in every parent's medicine cabinet.) But - yeah, I'm slow - I didn't get why people were frightened of it.

Finally, last night, it came to me, and what it rhymes with.

As I said, I'm slow.

In other news - thanks to, I now have my very own copy of 1776, (director's cut dvd) so that next year we can watch it at a reasonble hour instead being up to 1AM. Not that...well. Who can sleep after John Cullum (Edward Rutledge) sings the most powerful lesson in the Triangle Trade ever? I can't help thinking that hearing that particular song sung by that particular man on Broadway must have been - there are no words.
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