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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Summit and shoes!

Yesterday, my mother and Lenny came to us for a summit meeting pre-celebration.

We were supposed to come to her, but there was not a car to be rented. It seems yesterday was Camp Visiting Day. Yes, it's early but that's because Tisha B'Av is early and so the Nine Days starts early and on a Sunday night, so it was all pushed back a week.

So they came to us and we took them and zsero to lunch and to discuss matters.

(For the actual event, I'm going to rent the car the preceeding Friday - after reserving it.)

As for today - today I got the shoes I bought last Sunday. Both pairs fit, and I'm wearing the new casual ones now. As is usual for Easy Spirits, they fit like they were made for my feet. They're a half size smaller than the previous ones, which were a tad large.

This afternoon, I get my eyeglasses and sunglasses. It's like...I'm not supposed to be this bouncy during the Three Weeks. :)


hey - my husband actually works for avis/budget (avis bought budget last year). if you give me the dates, your price range and what size car you want he can look for you. he'll try harder to get you a good deal than anybody you'll get over the phone

Thanks for the offer, but I'd spend more money getting to and from the closest Avis than I would save - at least $25 one way, and probably that much to get to work when I dropped the car off on Monday.

I go to local places next to the subway line that takes me to work.