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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Poll for manicure

My mother is standing under a canopy in three weeks. I'm wondering how I should do my nails

One thing to keep in mind - whatever it is has to look good on very short nails - and tips and wraps are out of the question.

Poll #1018334 Nail color for my mom's event

What color should I get my nails painted for the chasunah?

Ivory (color of shell)
Plum (color of suit)
Skin color
No polish at all
Dark, dark red
French manicure
Other (in comments)


No ticky
Ticky's don't get manicures

And I apologize for the misplaced apostrophe.


I love manicures, and hate the feeling of polish on my fingernails. My favorite thing to have done is get my (very short) nails *buffed*. They look clean and shiny and pretty (kind of like clear nail polish, but different), and there's no need to worry about the polish chipping or drying funny or anything.

I do that all the time (okay, I do that once a month. It's a nice bit of pampering.) I'm not overly fond of the feeling of polish, either, but it would look more finished.

Add me to the buffing, er, buffs. I do it about once a month myself, just did it tonight. My nails aren't VERY short, but they aren't past my fingertips at this point, and they look MUCH better with a buff-job (and WAY better than the inevitable chipping that happens about an hour after I paint my nails/get them painted. Pedicures stay nice for WEEKS, but not so much with the manicures.

I think clear has that nice polished look without drawing *too* much attention to the nails, so that's my choice.

I chose dark red, because I never like matching fingernails to an outfit; it always seems so...I don't know. Matchy-matchy, I suppose, like wearing pink shoes AND a pink top AND a pink headband, or one of those tracksuit jobbies.

Dark red is classic, elegant, and looks good with ivory and plum. It's just what an accent color should be.

It depends on what you're matching, surely - one year, I wore green nail polish to a dinner because it matched a design on the outfit and the purse.

But I'm not planning on matching shoes, purse or stockings to the outfit. Hat will have a matching brocaded ribbon, but the scarf underneath will be very dark, as an accent, as you say. (I'm wearing a straw hat over a scarf tied in a bun. That way, I can take off the hat.)

I'm fond of a light pinky-brown color (like "imported champagne"), especially in summer.
It is also less likely than red to stain the nail, which may cause chatziza issues depending on your mikva.

I've done dark polish in the past - and the timing is such that any staining will be *gone* before the next time I'll need to use the mikveh, so that's not an issue.

That's good (that you can do the dark polish thing). I always have trouble getting it off.

But my mother always insisted that I get light colored nail polish in the summer, so I guess that habit has stuck with me.

You might want to try Neutrogena for nails. I use it when I let my nails breath for week or two.


Sally Hanson has a similar product that has just came out on the market. Haven't had a chance to look for it.

Nails I'm going to get Done. I like getting manicures. I just never get polish.

I can't do manicures, so I've given up. I can't decide on a color without knowing your dress...it's summer I guess a light color? Or you could just go buffing and natural. If you enjoy manicures, I say definitely!

I'm wearing a dark plum suit with an ivory shell underneath. It's an informal wedding, so this is my choice of outfit.

I'm leaning more and more to clear or French manicure. Mom's getting a French manicure.

I voted for French Manicure. I think for a formal occasion (even an informal wedding is a formal occasion IMHO, just by the nature of it being a wedding), a French Manicure is very classy and it goes with any outfit.

I did that for my own wedding, and my mother is doing it, too.

So, it and clear seem to be the winners here.