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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Okay, make-up, too

Poll #1018342 What about make-up?

Should I wear make-up?

Of course!
No - you never do anyway.

If yes, what sort should I try?


Tickies never wear make-up, either
Tickies rule

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If you never wear make-up, your family and friends are used to your natural face. I don't see any reason to change that.

You're probably right. Not that I'll know most of the people there, but it's still true.

It's just that I'm escorting my mother down the aisle.

I said "no", but really...whatever makes you most comfortable, given the situation.

You've got nice clear features that don't need much help, imho, but if you DO decide to go with makeup, here's my General Minimalized Makeup Routine (aka the Two Minute Face).

1. Even out skin tone (I get reddish blotches, so for me this is green-tinted stuff to correct the color back to my natural pink-ivory-freckles. I don't usually put any foundation on over this, but I do have Bare Minerals around in case I feel like it. The right shade of Bare Minerals is actually a reasonably good evener).
2. Use a neutral, close-to-natural-shade eyeliner to define eyes (on me, light brown or medium gray. on you, probably dark brown.)
3. One quick coat of mascara (I have short light eyelashes!)
4. Chapstick, the SPF 15 kind. Makes lips look more defined and healthier without any color at all!

Of course, any of those steps can be eliminated if you're having a Good Skin Day, or your eyes can be seen from a mile away in any case, or whatever. But it's easy and fast and just makes one look fresh and healthy, without looking unnatural or painted at all.

I have rosecea, so good skin days don't happen. But it also means that I can't wear too much, either.

I'm staying away from eye makeup - I have long lashes, and eyeglasses that make my eyes look smaller anyway. The chapstick, though - I have dark, dark lips, so avoiding lipstick is a good idea.

I've been seriously thinking about Bare Minerals.

Yes -- if your lips are vivid enough that they stand out already, lipstick would probably be more trouble than it's worth for you, and chapstick or some other balm or gloss would do nicely.

If I'm going for formal but very low-maintenance, I put on lip balm or gloss of some form, and powder to even out the color of my face, and leave the rest well enough alone. My eyes stand out enough on their own, my cheeks will heat up enough on their own, my face color's a little splotchy so it wants something to tone that down especially around my mouth and chin, and my lips are already pink enough.

I've started using the Physician's Formal mineral make-up. If it is for the wedding, might want to see about someone doing your make-up for you. Don't I sound like a Southern Belle. :)

I'm thinking about mineral based make up.

My maid of honor did my make-up for my own wedding, and my mother isn't going to bother getting hers done.

I said yes, but only because I figured if you were asking you might be thinking it would be fun to try something different for this. I've been hearing about that mineral stuff recently too, though I haven't tried it. Try something fun but cheap, I guess, because you don't usually wear it.

The virtue of mineral makeup is that it's kosher for Shabbos, which means that if I get it, I can wear the only time I actually dress up.

I used to be quite good at wearing make-up, but I haven't done it in years.

Oh, my goodness. I never heard of eyebrow gel, and I need it.

Maybe it's because I haven't worn makeup in fifteen years, so there are new products. I stopped out of laziness, btw.

I so fail at girl.

Eyebrows are very important to the whole girlie thingie. A raised, arched eyebrow gives you a child-like look of surprise, and that youth is considered desirable.

Messy eyebrows, not so hot. I don't pluck mine, they are a good shape naturally, but I still keep them in place with the invisible gell.

If you have Russian politician eyebrows, you may want to consider going to an eye brow professional to get them shaped properly the first time. Badly plucked, or over plucked eyebrows look hideous! If you're unsure of plucking, and don't want to spend the money on having a pro do it, then yeah, the gell is the answer.

Got any questions, let me know, I can probably help with most things.

I have nicely shaped eyebrows - I got lucky with the eye accessories. They just get *long*. I trim them every so often. Also, I'm getting the occasional white hair, which has a very different texture. Gel would make it all much nicer.

I think what I need is a light foundation to cover my lousy skin and maybe a touch of lip gloss.

I've tried the mineral based makeup and I couldn't get over the smell. It smelled like dead dirt to me. Nasty.

Yeah, that could be bad.

I said no, but if you want to, I agree with the people above who espoused evening out skin tone and such. Even behind glasses, a little eye stuff can look good, too. I just got turned onto Bare Escentuals powder/foundation and it is awesome. I didn't notice a scent and it looks and feels lovely (and natural) when it's on. I thought it was nicer than the Physician's Formula, which is what I carry around with me. I don't know about the kosher for shabbat part, though. You can get individual items at Sephora and can try it out for color, too, so you don't need the starter kit. You do need a floofy brush - I got the Sephora brand one, not the BE one. This is the stuff I mean: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P61003&categoryId=C16490

The question is - do I need to get out to Manhattan to get the stuff? Because I'm really thinking that might be the best way to go - their base, and lip gloss.

Do you use a moisturizer for your face? They have ones that work with rosacea. I ask because adding moisturizer to my daily rituals has improved my skin tone, and if that can be done, little else. If you want to try faux-femme, a lip gloss or light color, and a little eyeliner works wonders, and is minimal effort.

I do girl well, but most days, don't bother past the moisturizer. Next step up is eyeliner (usually the darkest brown I can find) and lipstick, then mascara and eyeshadow.