Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Other things

1. Looking at my polls last night - I kinda fail at girl. Please understand - I'm good at human, not terrible at adult, and pretty decent at woman. That is, I contribute to the world around me, I try to help people, I'm not in massive debt, I have found ways to deal with the things I can't do myself, I have a good and stable relationship and I have enough basic skills to look decent in public (that last wasn't easy. It took some studying.) It's's hard to put this in words. When is the effort to be concerned with shoes and hair and such worth it? Because there are times they are, but I'm not sure of all of them. And I'm lazy. This is the reason I have long hair that no one sees - long hair is *lower maintenance.* I wash it, I comb it, I put it in a bun and I cover it. If things are at a bad ebb, I might skip the combing. Yeah, um. There's that, too. Too many times, I really don't care when I should. If I had to do more than I do, it would be worse.

2. New shoes. I'm wearing my new ballet flats to get them broken in a little. And it's so strange - I've been wearing mostly black suede hightops for the past few years, varied only by boots, walking shoes and canvas sneakers. I look down and I see grown-up lady feet, and it's weird. Also, I'm not used to not having shoe over my instep. Oh, but they're pretty. Yay for pretty flats.

3. New glasses. Also very pretty - shiny and gold and not-scratched. Not-scratched is amazing! But that's not the strange part. See, I also got sunglasses with just the distance prescription - the main ones are progressives. I love them - inexpensive plastic frames with long, narrow lenses. They do look cool - perfect for sunglasses. Here's where it's strange. The difference between my reading and distance prescriptions is very small still, and I still routinely read without glasses at all. Yet, when I read with my sunglasses on, I found I had to hold the book a tad further away in order to be comfortable.

(I've been hooking the pair I'm not wearing in my shirt if I know I'm going to change more than once. I really don't want to do the eyeglass cord thing with two pairs - how else do people manage two pairs of glasses?)
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