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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Make-up Again

So, I went to Sephora last Thursday, and left with a starter kit for Bare Escentuals, because I've been assured in the past that it performs as advertised.

It performs as advertised. It's easy, it doesn't feel like a mask and it completely covers my rosecea without looking like it's covering something. The instructions for covering rosecea even advised against using blush (which means NOT buying a product) because there's already enough redness. And it only hides the redness.

Make up on Shabbat is generally forbidden because the dyes can dye skin and that's forbidden, lotions are forbidden, turning solids into powder is forbidden and blending colors is forbidden. There is a brand of make-up that's kosher for Shabbat called "Reflections" that has no strong dyes. One powders the make-up ahead of time, and there is a prescibed way of applying it to avoid blending (leaving "holes" in the foundation for the blush, I think) and a spritz to finish things up.

The Bare Minerals stuff is undyed, and it already comes powdered, and I'm not using blush anyway,except for something called Warmth which adds a bit of color. I found I looked just fine and not *done* when I used just the foundation on Shabbat.

The only problem is, it's the Nine Days now, when make-up is generally not permitted. So I have this nice stuff sitting on my dresser and I can't use it.


I've been using Bare Minerals for about a month and I really like it. The only problem I've found is that when I sweat I feel a little ting, more like a tingle. But it's minor. It does cover my adult acne and rosecea also.

I also use it on my daughter. She's twelve, but has terrible acne. It works well for her and it won't cause more problems.

I bet you can't wait until you can use it! There's nothing worse than having something new that you can't play with. Well, there really is something worse, but you know what I mean. :)

It's really nice to hear the two of you having success covering rosacea. I'm also a sufferer and hate the caked on feel of foundations, however, I'm curious how it holds up to humidity and water. I swim a lot and will be headed to Hawaii in two weeks, I'd love something that won't drip off me at the lightest moisture.

You use a very thin coating (really!) so it doesn't feel caky. On the other hand, I have yet to try it in high, high humidity or water. It doesn't drip, though. I've noticed that. They claim it stays on.

You've inspired me to get in gear and try it! :D

I don't have a problem with it when I sweat, except for the little irritation, but that may just be me. It stays very well. I have been swimming with it, but I didn't really pay attention. I will nest time and let you know.

Hey, what a great reason to go to the river today! :)

Heee! Glad to be an excuse for fun!

Reasonably high humidity, it should hold up.

Probably will NOT hold up to swimming, though. I haven't TRIED swimming in mine, but I don't know anything that holds up in any way to swimming that isn't just awful-feeling on the skin.

That's what I'd figured, but one can only hope! I actually used a Mary Kay product one summer, it was a compact foundation that was thick (and heavy) but I could swim in it and it would stay (I think it also had a fair spf).

Thanks for your input!

I played with it on Friday - we had a dinner invitation, so I made up before candlelighting. It felt nice.

Oh, nifty. I look forward to hearing more about it. Is it comfortable?

*I'm* waiting for the end of the Nine Days so I can cut 6-8 inches of hair off... it's down to my waist now.

Yeah - you don't really feel it.

As for hair - I like that mine is waist length. Yours must be beautiful.

I admire people like you and Merav who are able to maintain long hair. Not me, alas.

:) I can't speak for Merav, but for me...

I wash it (and as I only wash my scalp, not the hair itself, I don't use any more shampoo than anyone else. Conditioner, on the other hand...). I comb it. I tie it up and when I leave the house, I cover it.

It's not that much work.

I don't notice that I have it on until I'm startled by the mirror. ::grin::

Tigerbright --

If you can (or you want) to make that 10 inches of hair, consider a donation to Locks Of Love.*

* Presuming, of course that it's permissible under orthodox rules.

I'm not Orthodox, I'm just choosing to observe this particular mitzvah. (Not like my userpic is tzniusdic. *grin*)

Unfortunately, 10 would be too much right now - I've donated that much in the past, though, twice. :)

Um. Locks of Love doesn't have the best of reputations, actually - it's made relatively few wigs out of all the ponytails that have been donated (which makes sense since kids with alopecia (as well as kids with cancer, although LoL doesn't deal with those) do better with synthetic wigs than real hair ones.) Instead, they sell the hair and use the money for administration.

If Rachel wants to sell her hair (and there really isn't anything in the law against it), there are other outlets - and then she can donate that money to charity directly.

(Sorry - it's a hot button.)

Thanks, that's another reason I don't do LoL, but I didn't want to risk offending someone in your LJ.

I'd stay off of Lock of Love. They've been looked at by the BBB in a few states. They've been selling hair, not making wigs for cancer kids.

Finally someone who has used the product. I've been leery of it but if you like it, it's got to be good. :)

I love Bare Escentuals. I've been an addict since I was a teenager. True Colors is my other favorite brand. I have very oily skin, and it doesn't slide off.

I've heard really bad things about Locks of Love. Crappy fake charity. :-(