Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Make-up Again

So, I went to Sephora last Thursday, and left with a starter kit for Bare Escentuals, because I've been assured in the past that it performs as advertised.

It performs as advertised. It's easy, it doesn't feel like a mask and it completely covers my rosecea without looking like it's covering something. The instructions for covering rosecea even advised against using blush (which means NOT buying a product) because there's already enough redness. And it only hides the redness.

Make up on Shabbat is generally forbidden because the dyes can dye skin and that's forbidden, lotions are forbidden, turning solids into powder is forbidden and blending colors is forbidden. There is a brand of make-up that's kosher for Shabbat called "Reflections" that has no strong dyes. One powders the make-up ahead of time, and there is a prescibed way of applying it to avoid blending (leaving "holes" in the foundation for the blush, I think) and a spritz to finish things up.

The Bare Minerals stuff is undyed, and it already comes powdered, and I'm not using blush anyway,except for something called Warmth which adds a bit of color. I found I looked just fine and not *done* when I used just the foundation on Shabbat.

The only problem is, it's the Nine Days now, when make-up is generally not permitted. So I have this nice stuff sitting on my dresser and I can't use it.
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