Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Rain, rain...

My normal route to work is this: Take the Coney Island Ave bus to the end of the run, and then take the F train one stop.

My normal wait for a train is five minutes, and the ride is less than one, so it's faster than walking.

This morning, I was down there waiting for over a half hour before I gave up and walked - a half hour late for work, too. It's a ten minute walk from there - a very pleasant one in nice weather, so if I have time, I do it. Today, of course, it was pouring buckets.

My skirt and the left sleeve of my shirt are still soaked, and my feet are wet.

Turns out the F trains weren't running in that way. I saw three go in the opposite direction. If there had been an announcement, I would have walked sooner and not been so late. Ah, well.

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