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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
About the lastest LJ/6Apart Thing

I'm in wait and see mode. They responded to grievances last time, they may well this time. They responded to facts last time, too.

We will see.

And, you know - I really, really, REALLY doubt that the 6Apart team is even aware that some Harry Potter fans are offline because of spoilers or Sectus.

I'm not defending what they said, and I'm not arguing with it. I'm just going to wait and see.

And there is no point in going anywhere else - everyone has terms of service.


I'm sure most have no idea about Sectus, but since they spotlighted the spoiler community they certainly know about all the hype surrounding the book release. IMO, the timing wasn't accidental.

Spotlighting a spoiler community and being aware of the hype (the whole world is aware of the hype) is not the same as being aware that people are going offline until the book is out.

Granted I have a huge and varied friendslist - I have not noticed a drop off in traffic.

Heh. I think my flist is mostly HP and with the exception of the spoiler community it's been a bit of a dead zone.

I only noticed this because another person on my flist posted a link to it.
I've disabled my community view (?show=PY) after some jerks in hp_storywriters posted spoilers...

Once again, my flist proves to be a drama-free zone. What's going on?

The latest post up in lj_biz

I really, really, REALLY doubt that the 6Apart team is even aware that some Harry Potter fans are offline because of spoilers or Sectus.

I'm not sure about 6A, but LJ Abuse has been involved in suspending HP-spoiler related trolls. (Either way, kind of crummy to spring this on them at a time when LJ activity is sure to spike.)

Being aware of the hype and the spoilers does not equal being aware of the people fleeing, although it does make it more likely.

It doesn't seem to have done any good, anyway. Fandom is vocal.

Actually, I've seen burr86 hanging out in the journal of someone who was until yesterday very anti-spoiler herself and there's been quite a bit of discussion in her journal about HP fen fleeing LJ for the past few days. I know he's seen at least some of those comments because he's commented there himself. He seems like a decent guy so I'm not suggesting there's something sinister going on, but he is definitely aware of the status of the HP fandom at the moment, at least as far as the book release.

If there was a plot, it failed. :)

There's a large fandom presence in the regular volunteers. However, timing may be corporate, and burr86 is not corporate-high-up. Indications I saw were that the timing may not have been his.

What did they say that you don't like? All I see is that they are following the law.

From the arguments I've seen, they're NOT following the law in that the law only refers to visual portrayals. Text is not covered - and as others have pointed out, you can go to any Barnes and Noble and purchase, perfectly legally, books with underage sex in them. (Say, The Other Boleyn Girl, who is about fifteen at the time her family tossed her at King Henry, according to the novel.)

They posted a clarification about this, regarding something called the Miller Test.

The problem is ... there are lots of problems with the Miller Test. What is/is not legal varies from place to place. Under Miller, what is legal and perfectly fine in San Fransisco can be declared illegal in South Carolina.

Also, Miller is the standard that courts use. And in a court, both sides get a chance to argue their case.

So, is LJ going to provide people a place to plead their cases? Also, who's doing to judging? I could get a SF liberal looking at my LJ and s/he will say it's fine. But you could get a hard shell georgia baptist looking at yours.

From what I (unofficially) heard, the community in question is LJ, with the likely arbiters to be the Abuse Prevention Team. The unofficial source in question has seen very little legitimate fanfic that would fail by the standards planned.