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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - initial thoughts

My, that was a bloodbath, wasn't it? It's not who died, it's who *didn't* die.

Hedwig (which was the biggest shock), Moody, Wormtail, Dobby, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Snape, Bellatrix (go Molly!), Harry (even if he got better), Vodemort, plus at least fifty more people at Hogwarts, many Muggles and a fair amount of Death-Eaters and a goblin or two. I'm sure I've missed a few more, too.

On the other hand - Neville! And Snape was vindicated - I knew he was working for Dumbledore, and I knew Dumbledore had required him to kill him, and okay, I think that doing it for love of Lily is...well - it's not a bad motivator, actually. And he didn't like that Dumbledore was grooming Harry to die, either. Good for Snape! I'm glad Harry remembered hm.

And Percy wised up (even if he wasn't the spy I wanted him to be) and Draco may have reformed (I hope so). And there were so many things I saw in fan fiction. And Harry *was* a Horcrux, as I've been saying all along.

That I was wrong and Ron lived? I can so live with that.

And then there's Dumbledore. She made him human - not perfect at all. Although - I'd think being Headmaster to the only wizardry school in Great Britain would be more powerful than being Minister, so I can't see that he actually shyed away from it. But I like that he was human and made mistakes.

And I really liked that Aberforth said what he said - yeah, this job is too big for Harry. Except that Harry grows with the job. And he did with this one.

As for the epilogue - well, things are sort of tied up, and right now I can't think of what can be done with that. However, there's what went on at Hogwarts without the Trio, and there's the time afterwards, because all we know is that people got married and had kids. We don't know anything else, other than Neville is teaching there. And Harry, who should be, isn't.

We can also play with those two months of Dumbledore and Grindalwald, or Doge and Dumbledore, if we so choose. She didn't kill fanfic.

And there are always AUs. :)

I'm not as reluctant to reread this one as I was HBP, I'll say that.

I did think that the Nazi imagery (Magic is Might! Rounding up Muggleborns! Questioning heritage! And that awful statue) was very heavy handed, but Rowling does that, and one does have to remember her audience.


Harry can't teach there...he's a dropout ;)

Hahaha good point! Maybe he got the wizard equivalent of a GED.

The Nazi imagery has been in there for at least four books; I was kind of expecting to see it even more heavily in books 5-6 than it was. Yes, it's heavy handed; I'm just surprised it wasn't even more so, for longer.

Overall, a good book. In many ways, I agree with madfilkentist, that JKR is a good storyteller, and not a good writer. I just think that her writing is inconsistently good, and I wish it were more smoothly excellent across the board.

Definitely Neville! and Molly! (if it wasn't the one, I'm glad it was the other who took out Bellatrix), and Neville's Gran! and all the many heros and heroines lost at Hogwarts. (And BOO! the centaurs, for their initial cowardice. We won't even mention the goblins, about whom I expect to hear reports of immense amounts of fic explaining their grievances.)

Overall, well worth reading. Probably twice or more. Though I really wish the explanations and revelations hadn't come in three main lumps all at the end.

Time to get the kids to bed and start round 2.

Hokay, first I haven't gotten my copy yet, but I'm reading the spoilers anyway.

Yes! I am so glad I was right about Snape!

OH, gods, am I going to pounce on that UPS man when he gets here Wednesday!

As I said in my LJ, people have floated the "Snape loved Lily" theory for ages, even before OotP, and I was really surprised it turned out to be true.

The imagery was a bit much.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book, even though I had some spoilers beforehand. But I didn't know Snape was vindicated, and once I did it made me happy.

Although - I'd think being Headmaster to the only wizardry school in Great Britain would be more powerful than being Minister, so I can't see that he actually shyed away from it.

I thought the same thing. Tom Riddle saw power in it. He wanted to work at Hogwarts as a recruiting ground.

I notice you didn't include Lavender Brown on your death list. All we know is that she was bitten by Greyback, which is horrible whether she survived it or not. One wonders the fate of the werewolves post Voldemort. But with Hermione making wizarding laws, things are bound to have improved.