Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Minor spoilers for DH

Thinking about the Epilogue -

1. Large families? Harry and Ginny had three; Ron and Hermione had, what, two? In nineteen years, even if they've only been marrried for, oh, 16 or so? Interesting math there. Looks more like Ginny, at least, had three kids, and that was it.

2. The names. The only "fan name" was Albus Severus. It only makes sense that Harry would name his kids after his parents. James' middle name is either Harry or Arthur, and Lily's is probably Molly or Ginevra. (Much as I love Molly, I hope the latter. Lily Molly is awful.) And the other names are just names, so far as I can tell. Even Victoire - well, if Fleur had a baby not long afterwards, it makes sense to me.

3. I'd have loved to have known who Draco married (and his son? Perfectly in character for a Malfoy-Black.) I'd also have loved to know if the Trio went back to finish their seventh year and take their NEWTs, and what they all do. (Hermione is so a lawyer.)

4. Minor note - according to Rowling (who is suspect since she contradicted what she said about Secret-Keepers), Ginny is the first girl born to the Weasleys in generations. Which - no wonder Molly is possessive. Especially if she broke that particular curse by herself.

Because that curse is definitely broken - both Ron and Bill have daughters.

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