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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More HP epilogue stuff

Where do people get the idea that Teddy Lupin had been raised by Harry and Ginny? There's no indication that Teddy ever lived with them - James offers to give up his room, as opposed to, "Teddy can have his own room back." They're close with Ted, as they would be because Harry is his godfather. And since Teddy's left school ( I assume, given he's nineteen), he's been eating at the Potters' fairly often - and with his girlfriend at school, he'd be rather at loose ends, I suspect.

Teddy has a grandmother, one who is probably as formidable in her way as Augusta Longbottom. Why wouldn't Andromeda Tonks raise her own grandson? Why would she allow a pair of teenagers to take care of him? It makes no sense.


I think it's because her grandma didn't get mentioned again, it took me a while to remember as well, and that Sirius, being Harry's Godparent suddenly became his only family and took some (small) bit of parental role.

I'm not too surprised that in nearly 800 pages, some smaller details sort of get rolled up into the mush.

I had to think about it for a minute myself, but it's obvious he wasn't living with them. And I think Andromeda would certainly raise her grandson.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that he was raised by Arthur and Molly (it's not as if they don't have room, or experience :-) But Andromeda makes sense, too. The only solutions I hadn't considered were for him to be raised by H&G, R&H, or, particularly, Bill & Fleur (consider that he's snogging their daughter, which he certainly wouldn't had he been raised as her brother!)

I think they're starting from the fact that Sirius, as Harry's only example of how to be a godfather, offered his home to Harry. And then we did only meet Andromeda once, and then the brief mention of Ted Tonks' death.

They're ignoring the fact, of course, that Harry is still only seventeen when Remus and Tonks die, and that he probably didn't marry Ginny for a few years down the line, what her still needing her final year at Hogwarts, and all the rebuilding of the Wizarding World going on around them. At the least, Teddy would have spent his infancy and toddler years with his grandmother, and at that point, since all signs point to her being both capable and loving, there'd be no reason to disrupt his life to move in with Harry and Ginny.

You...got me. I don't see why anyone would think that Harry & Ginny raised Teddy; that makes no damn sense whatsoever.

I agree with you completely.