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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
9 Days Meals

Tomorrow (well, tonight) is Tisha B'Av. Major fast day, mourning the loss of our Temples. No food, no drink for 25 hours.

The Nine Days previous are days of mourning - no new clothes, no swimming, no parties, no laundry.

No meat except for Shabbat. No wine except for Shabbat (wine=grape products. Beer, whiskey, mead - all fine.)

For carnivores, it's a challenge. Because making meals with meat is easy. With dairy, you need to be creative. Also - I want meals with a minimum of fuss and I want to control fat and salt.

Plus this past week, I had an extra restriction that had NOTHING to do with the holiday and everything to do with poor planning the week before - I had rice three of four days in a row. So, we really didn't want any rice dishes. Which is a problem since a lot of vegetarian dishes depend on rice.

It started Sunday night, so the dinners started Monday night:

1. Refried bean tacos with onions, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. I made the beans spicy and the tomatoes were really good, so no salsa.

2. Spinach baked with eggs and feta cheese, plus bread and butter.

3. Falafel, hummous, babaganoush, Turkish salad, techina, tabouleh, Israeli salad, pita. I bought all of it, of course, although the tabouleh was a mix. I got the falefel fresh from a local pizza place.

4. Normal Thursday night meal: pan-grilled trout, steamed broccoli and baked sweet potato rounds (I dusted them with ginger this time.)

5. Shabbat dinner - New World Casserole (layers of thinly sliced onions, potatoes and tomatoes, with skinless bone-in chicken thighs.) and green beans.

6. Lunch with friends.

7. Wednesday redux

8. Sarah's Pasta (pasta spirals with canned salmon, peas and garlic.)

We were never bored and I didn't and don't miss meat.


Can I get the recipe for new world casserole?

I pretty much gave it.

1 spanish onion, halved and sliced thin
4-5 red potatoes, sliced thin
2 tomatoes, sliced thin
4 chicken thighs, skin removed.

Using an oval casserole, layer the ingredients as follows

Two thighs
Two thighs

Cover and bake at 400 for about 90 minutes. Can be kept warm for hours. If not using kosher chicken, add salt at some point in the layering, but I have no idea how much.

Yum. I might have to try that!


now i want falafel.

instead, tuna salad stuffed into fresh garden peppers. almost as good, right?

I don't find it hard to make meals without meat, but then, I've been doing it constantly for six years now.

I made quiche this weekend, which was quite tasty. Basic pastry crust, filled with browed onions, chopped green chilis, salted and drained zucchini, cheddar, and a mix of eggs and evaporated skim milk. Bake it at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes, then at 350 for another 25 or so.

Wow, only one fish meal in all that? You're more creative than I am. :-)

I used to have a salmon pasta recipe like that, with peas too, except I used steamed fresh salmon for it.

I don't eat fish anymore or I'd still be making it.

I'm not allowed to go without drinking water, medically. I remember telling you. The rabbi told me to drink less than an ounce at a time, spaced five minutes apart. Which will be tedious to do but I'm willing to do it.