Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Ow ow OW

So, I'm walking out of my office, on my way to a stationery store to get the program for my mom's celebration on Sunday printed up. (It has the order of events, plus an explanation of the procedures and the Sheva Brochot plus translations, in a font I can read without my glasses. It's being printed on Ivory Laid paper.)

And I'm walking on a subway grate, and I slip and fall. I'm fine excep that I tore the skin on my knee. It's ugly and bloody and bad.

I get helped up. Fortunately, there's a pharmacy a few steps away, so I go there and get big bandaids and antibiotic cream. While I'm there, I got to be Notary Woman again. The two dollars went towards the purchase.

I'm wearing knee-highs, so no hosiery was ruined, but the knee-high did get blood on it. There's also blood stains on my skirt. I wasn't really able to clean the knee, but I did put a glob of antibiotic on the bandaid and stick that on.

And then I arranged for the program (it had to be done) and took a car service home. I shared it with a nurse who told me I'd done enough for a first treatment.

At this point - I've cleaned the knee off with first water and then hydrogen peroxide, and rebandaged it with more antibiotic. It's bleeding very sluggishly, so that's good. It hurts, of course - climbing the stairs was awful. I am *not* going to sit on the floor in shul tonight or tomorrow, since getting up will be at best difficult. I'll take a chair. And a ride home if offered. I might stay home tomorrow morning, too - read the kinot by myself.

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