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I am confused

Our homepage at work is "dellnet." Three guesses as to who provided our system...:)

So, I get bored and click around their news pages, including their "women's" page. That last is, as expected, concerned mostly with fashion and relationships, but, hey. I get bored. And I am vaguely interested in fashion, at least culturally speaking.

And a couple things have confused me. One happened last week - tips for packrats on lightening the loads in their purses. Something I do need to know - my husband accuses me of hauling around bricks. But one suggestion, while it would be effective, has me scratching my head. "Carry a magazine around instead of a book."

And, now I'm wondering how effective that would really be - a lot of magazines weigh more than books, and the size/shape is much more awkward than a mass market paperback, even a 1000 page Robert Jordan brick. But, also. It's a rare magazine that I read cover to cover - Analogs and Asimov's, Skeptical Inquirer, maybe Jewish Action or Jewish Observer - so it would mean I'm carrying even more extra weight.

But, third...what kind of universe is it that prefers magazines to books? Okay, it does compute, but not in my mind, if that makes sense.

And today. I took a "relationship quiz." One question was "what do you do when you and your bf watch bad things happen on the TV news." The "correct" answer was "cuddle and talk about them calmly." My answer was "argue my point of view with him."

But. But. Arguing about current events - at least those we don't agree about - can be *fun*. And a means of drawing closer as we see each other's pov. And cuddling isn't always possible or desirable or...sheesh. The writers of this quiz seem to assume that any disagreement must be either bad or worked out calmly and snuggly. And, well. Some disagreements can be completely intellectual - last week, my husband and I had wonderful, but loudish, discussion about whether the Reform movement was an inevitable result of the Haskala movement (sort of Modern Orthodoxy in 18th C Germany) or a result of the general European Enlightenment of the time.

We didn't end up agreeing, either, but we did have a clearer idea of the other's pov. And it was *fun*. And it was done without any snuggling.

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