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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It can get better now, please (Whine)

This not being able to bend my knee? Has gotten real old.

It wasn't much of a problem yesterday - I just propped the leg up on a wastepaper basket when I needed to, and spent most of the day stretched out on the bed, and I didn't bother getting dressed since I wasn't going anywhere. And, with the help of Motrin, I could sleep just fine last night.

But today? Getting into and out of the shower was a bit of a challenge, but I managed. Getting into and out of the car that took me to work was also a bit of a challenge, but I managed that, too. My leg can bear weight, after all. It just can't *bend*. So I can swing it around carefully. I have to take stairs one at a time, and the cane helps, but I can do them, if slowly.

The real problems? Getting dressed. To be precise, putting on footwear. I had to ask Jonathan to put on my left knee-high and shoe. I'm just grateful I'm not wearing tights this time of year. And he'll have to take them off tonight, too.

Also, it's really tiring sitting here with my foot braced against the back of my desk. Time to shift to a different position.



I hope it'll go away soon!

(the pain, not your knee)

It doesn't really hurt. I just have stitches on a hinge joint. Bending would stress them too much.

Thank you.

Would a brief course of Geek Answer Syndrome be appropriate here? I don't want to offer advice if it's not wanted.

I will certainly offer sympathy and good wishes for quick healing and bending of both knees.

The other knee bends just fine. For which I am grateful. And the cane will help with not overstressing it.

The obvious solution for my dressing problem would be slip-on shoes that don't need stockings. I don't really have shoes like that - I have one pair of slip-ons, but they need stockings to be comfortable, plus I overpronate without really good support, and that's not something I want to do now.

I'm sorry; I really wasn't clear. What was in my head was, "I will wish her good bending of *both* knees, which is much more convenient than bending of only one knee" but it clearly didn't come out that way.

I agree you need to be careful about getting enough support in your shoes to keep from further damaging your knee.

I sympathize! It makes everyday life so aggravating and time-consuming. Being able-bodied is something people appreciate enough, I think, and I include myself in that.

Oh, yes. At least I know I will recover in few days, too.

Refuah sheleimah (a complete recovery.) I hope you are able to get the stitches out soon.

Thank you.

I'm told ten-fourteen days to get them removed. By then, it should be healed enough that I can move my knee.

Can you scarf an empty wastebasket (to be upended) or similar to rest your foot on so you don't have to brace it?

Hope you feel better soon!

I have one. It's a matter of leverage. The basket is the wrong height.

Right now, I have my ankles crossed on the battery backup under the desk.

I hope this gets easier soon. Not being able to bend your knee is much more of a limitation than you think until it happens to you. When I had a broken leg (splint, not cast -- it was a hairline right at the knee) I wore sandals -- even though it was December -- because I was living alone and I couldn't tie shoes. Fortunately, that only lasted a week or so and it didn't snow. (I spent the first few days at home anyway, which helped.)

It's amazing the things it complicates - like, oh, using the bathroom. Sticking a leg out in front changes the leverage, if you will.

And my right hip (opposite the bad knee) is not happy. Plus, since there is nothing wrong with the actual knee joint, it's not happy, either.

It's healing. Just a couple more days, I think.

I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I empathize about having to take stairs one at a time; I'm still doing that. I hope that your knee heals quickly and that you end up using the cane for a very short time.

Amen. Thank you.