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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've completed up to "Something Wicked."

And, my goodness. John Winchester did a major job on Dean, didn't he? Made him practically a second (and more present) father to Sam while making sure that Dean never thinks of doing anything on his own. He does what Daddy tells him (and it *is* Daddy in his mind, not Dad - when he sees John for the first time in Chicago, it's "Daddy".) It's like, he never had a childhood, but he never had an adulthood, either. Which is how he reads, really - an overgrown boy, a permanent adolescent with two drives (maybe three) - take care of Sammy, do what Daddy says and hunt demons. He can barely imagine a different life and doesn't understand how Sam, who grew up knowing nothing else, could.

On a shallower note, they made adorable priests. :)


two drives (maybe three) - take care of Sammy, do what Daddy says and hunt demons

And sex. Don't forget sex. And food. And the Impala. :D

Adolescence. All of it. :)

I actually have a lot of trouble with them as priests because my brother is one, and they do a *terrible* job -- they don't even spout any platitudes, and the situation is one platitudes are *made* for. But TV never does well at things you know anything about ...

If they're any religion at all, it's some form of Protestant, right? They might not know many priests.

And I think Dean was spouting platitudes before he was shut up by the brother.

But of course they were terrible priests. They were just adorable at being terrible.

It sounds like from the series that the closest they've been to clergy is one of the people in the hunting world, a Pastor Jim*. They really don't have much experience with religion as anything but a tool to use on the job.

*Best guess on him is Lutheran, from the dog collar and the term pastor, but the show sends mixed signals about this.

Eric Kripke is quite possibly Jewish - at least, he has a Jewish last name.

It's really hard to be up on the nuances of a different religion.

TV shows get Judaism wrong all the time.

There is that. I've learned enough about Judaism to know that if I wanted to write fiction involving it I'd be begging my Jewish friends for insight and fact-checking.

ITA about Dean, btw. I really wonder how much of that was part of Kripke's original conception of the character, and how much just grew.

It's hard to say - it all does feed very nicely into these season's finale, though.

He really, really did.

Every so often I found myself saying aloud to the screen "Winchester, you son of a bitch."

Yes. Just thinking about an eight year old and a four year old alone in a motel for days on end, and my heart breaks.

Yay, Winchesters! *g* As you progress, you'll see even more of that lovely Dean-screwed-upness. I love John to death. And Dean. Oh, Dean. *happy sigh of family angst*

I've seen the last half of the second season, too. I think the only time Dean's been happy was when he was pretending to be a PA.

Perfect job for him - he gets to be part of the movies he loves and he's in exactly the right place on the totem pole. He gets orders he can obey, orders that he can do without worrying about, you know, killing or dying, and there are people who listen to him, too. Plus he's appreciated. And he even uses his tech skills! (And sleep with actresses, too.)

Hmm. A happy ending would be Sam writing a series based on their adventures with Dean employed behind the scenes.