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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Mom's day

I'm ready. I am wearing the new suit and hat (and it's so gorgeous, hannahsarah! I wish we'd thought to ask you to make my mom's hat.) I'm wearing make up and lip gloss, but not nail polish. I can't stay still long enough.

I'm bringing the nice pumps with me, if I can someone to take off my shoe. I can change back (if someone puts on the shoe) later. And everything else we need is all packed up and ready to go to the car.

I'm...I love Lenny very much, but right now, I don't know what I feel.


It's kinda odd ain't it?

When my mom married my stepfather, we were still in grade school, but we didn't know until afterward. We weren't there.

But when my father married my stepmother, I was part of the wedding party! I was a bride's maid.

It's just strange....

I escorted my mother to the chuppah.

It was actually lovely.

Mazal tov to your mom!

Thank you!

I hope it's a lovely day for you all.

I can't stay still long enough for nail polish either, despite my housemates' attempts to tie me down. Hope the day went well for everyone.

It's just my bad knee. Normally, I have no problems with it.

It was...different, I'll tell you that.

Mazel Tov! I hope your mother is very happy.