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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
My knee is much improved

I have more or less full mobility now. In fact, I've left my cane at home for the first time. I can even walk up and down stairs normally. I can see new skin growing and the flap of skin that had been tacked down is pink and healthy. There never were any signs of infection, thank goodness and Triple Antibiotic Ointment. It's still open enough to need to be covered, though, and that's the real problem.

Almost immediately, I started being irritated by the adhesive for the big band-aids. I switched to a band-aid with a milder adhesive, but it was still red, irritated and very itchy. In fact, it hurts more than the actual injury now. I have secondary injuries just from the scratching. Even when I switched (again) to gauze pads and tape - the cloth tape was only better because it covered a smaller area. And it's a stronger adhesive, so I got - get this - *blisters*. The area around the injury looks almost as bad as the injury.

I'd go without but it does need to be covered, and research told me that the thing about giving wounds air and letting them dry out? Not a smart thing. Wounds heal better if kept wet. Doesn't mean I don't just to let the skin around it breathe, but I cover it up again, and use ointment to moisten it again. Right now, I'm using paper tape with the gauze pad, and it's holding and doesn't feel itchy, so this might work.

To add to all this, my wrist-corsage on Sunday poked me with a rather sharp stem, and I have a collection of little cuts on the back of my hand, and they seem to be healing slowly and, yes, itchily.

But I can sit and use stairs like a normal person, so on balance - YAY.


Yeah, I get that problem, too, from band-aid adhesive. Sensative seems to help sometimes, but not always,

There is a new type of band-aid out there, sort of looks like it's just a clear gel sort of thing that works without adhesive. It seals around the wound and lets it heal. And it hasn't annoyed my skin yet.

I know you can get them for fingers and smaller wound. I think there is one for bigger wounds that if it's not big enough for your kneem two can go side by side with a little overlap that works.

They cost a hair more, but they will stand up to showers and can stay on for several days....

It's a pretty big wound, plus it's pretty irritated.

I'm going with the bandage and dressing thing.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Knees can be tricky.

Yeah - I've banged mine before. I'm so glad it's not infected.

You might try the cloth tape that only sticks to itself?

I did get some, but I'm trying another solution first.

Problem is that it's rather hot out there, and knees move so much.

I remember dealing with that! I had a nasty cut where my watch should have gone on my left wrist - I needed to keep it covered during the early part of summer. I ended up getting a pack of terry wristbands (like these) and using them to hold the gauze pad on.


Fellow adhesive-allergic person here. Paper tape works pretty well, and, in the hospital, they can also use the clear, plastic-wrap looking stuff that kind of leeches onto your skin. (I'm latex and adhesive allergic. I exist to challenge nurses, basically; my stay in the hospital two weeks ago was enlivened by such things as me reacting to a monitoring cuff. Thank god nurses are creative people.) Vet wrap - I mean, I'm sure there's another name for it, but in this house we think of it is as vet wrap because that's where we first saw it - also works well; it's this stretchy stuff that you wrap all the way around the affected part - your knee, in this case - and it sticks only to itself, not to you. (Or to fur, which is why vets use it.)

One last word of advice, if I may: make sure you cover the whole injury, including the new blisters and etc, with gauze and ointment. One of the things that seems to make me much more likely to react to a new substance is if I put it over an area that's already reacting; it's like that chunk of skin is just looking for trouble, and it's not like you need more things you can't ever use again. Plus, if you've gotten as far as blisters, you'll really need to keep those covered, too.

Congratulations on your knee improvement! Being able to walk normally is awesome when you haven't been able to for a while. (I mean, I guess it's awesome all the time, but it's like breathing - you don't notice how wonderful it is until you've had a period of time where you couldn't do it very well.)

I am so glad I'm good with latex.

I'm doing the gauze pad and wrap thing right now. It's so weird to not secure the pad and I had to rewrap thing to make it feel more secure, but at least there's no adhesive on my skin.

Oh, it really is awesome. Mobility is something to cherish.

Band-Aid Activ-Flex works very well for me. Ailsa says it's practically like plasti-flesh from SF novels.

cool. I'm going with the wrap and gauze pad right now. No adhesive at all on my skin.

Work Place Safety/First Aid Attendant Hat ON:

Use stretchy/flexible gauze to hold the gauze wound pad in place, pin the gauze with teensy safety pins and then use a teeeensy bit of Johnson & Johnson's hypoallergenic cloth tape. I've used it before on people with sensitivities. Mostly okay, only minor reactions.

Take good care.


Re: Work Place Safety/First Aid Attendant Hat ON:

Adhesive on the gauze two layers up isn't a problem. Just what's on my skin.

But I'm using stretch gauze and a gauze pad and trying to figure out the right amount of tightness so it feels secure but I don't turn it into a turniquet.

Sorry to hear about your adhesive problems. Glad to hear that your mobility is back to normal. That's a definite YAY!