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Liberty Belle and Supergirl and other issues

Justice Society of America #8

Liberty Belle is on the cover, and Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers - the former Jesse Quick from the Titans) is the lead. In the course of this book, we find out (most) of her history - she a double legacy hero. Her father was the flying speedster Johnny Quick, who got his powers by recieting a mathematical formula, and her mother was the original Liberty Belle, who has superstrength, speed and stamina. She joined the Titans in the nineties as Jesse Quick, using her father's formula, but she "gave away" her speed force during the last Crisis, and found her mother's abilities instead, taking on her mantle. She recently married Rick Tyler, Hourman, who is also a member of the JSA.

This issue shows her using things she's learned in life to help another JSA member (and also a former Titan, something glossed over in the book) - it showed her strong and decisive and courageous in the face of what could be grave danger - she's NOT invulnerable, and Damage could easily have killed her.

In this same issue, Power Girl is portrayed as the leader - decisions go through her. No second guessing.

Well done, Geoff Johns. And the Alex Ross cover is gorgeous.

All-new Atom #14 - Gail Simone *rules*. Ryan Choi is adorable as ever (much as I miss Ray Palmer), the storyline was fast and funny, and there Ted Kord, and even if he wasn't *real*, he was still... damn, I miss Ted. And all those dead heroes and villains and - see, this is the sort of comic women want - smart, well-characterized and well-written. That Donna *didn't* play the central role? Who *cares*? It's Ryan's book.
(And, oh, Ryan and Jason, please?)

Nightwing and Captain Boomerang, Jr - or Batman auditions new Outsiders. I liked it, it was fun, and I wouldn't mind seeing Owen and Dick together again. Oh, no, not at all. So pretty.

Checkmate #16 I know this is a couple of weeks old, but I've been seeing a lot of people recommending this book, which I have been avoiding. So, I picked it up on a whim. Good choice, apparently, since it's the beginning of a story arc. And it was just lovely - sweet and romantic, between two adults who have been damaged in the past and need this to move on. Michael's been mourning his wife too long, and Sasha needs to know that, nanos or no nanos, she's still *herself*. And she finds him beautiful *first*. They're saving *each other*, they're filling *each other's* needs - they're approaching each other as equals. It feels like love.

Given the flashback structure of this book, I'm assuimg that this has not been alluded to in previous issues, and if I were a long time reader, that would be a weakness. However, for me, it was a help. I'm glad I picked it up, and I'm adding this to my list.

And now for the real reason for this post - note the icon. Isn't it beautiful?
Supergirl #20

It's like the first 20 issues of this title never happened, almost. Up until this issue, Kara Jor-El has been portrayed as a teen-aged Paris Hilton with superpowers - whiny and self-absorbed. And the way she was portrayed - tiny, tiny waist, even tinier *skirt* (I've seen it described as "an unusually festive belt") that hung below her hips - and this was supposedly made by Martha Kent, too. (If you want to see this, go to scans_daily and look under the tags "supergirl" or "kara jor-el".)

In this issue? She's a teen-age girl. She *looks* like a teen-age girl. She's of normal bodyweight. Her skirt is in at least hailing distance of her knees, and she wears bike shorts underneath, making the one or two up-skirt shots completely innocent. She's a tad awkward, but sure of her strength, and while she makes mistakes out of ignorance and idealism, she also wants to correct them and help people. She's sweet, she's likeable, she's NOT perfect but she's someone you'd like to meet - or to have the teen-age girls of your acquaintance hang out with.

Yeah, an older male character does give her some paternalistic advice - but he was old enough to be her father and it came out of his own life experience. In other words, it was appropriate in this situation. It worked.

This was also the first readable Amazon's Attack tie-in.

Well done, Tony Bedard and Renato Guedes. May this be the way we see Kara from now on.
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