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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Rosecea question

People with rosecea:

Does your face ever feel like it's been sunburnt? Because that's how mine feels right now - tight and tingling. Including my ears.

The metrogel, my rosecea med, made it feel better, which is more than I can say of my other "remedies", although I'm thinking of getting Benadryl creme. Double dose of Zyrtec didn't help, nor did moisturizer.

I've been completely neglecting the Metrogel - I had to call my dermatologist to get a new prescription.

And I can't keep my hands off my face - I scratch itches, I pick, I peel.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Or should I call my dermatologist, whom I just saw a couple months ago, for an appointment?


I used to go through that quite a bit in the onset of rosacea. Nowadays, only if something touches my face that I react to - cleansers, or harsh soap, or citrus, or a really acidic laundry detergent. Usually putting a cool linen towel on my face would soothe the symptoms. I use two creams, Metrogel in the morning and a Sodium Sulfecetamide (10%)/Sulfur (5%) cream in the evening before bed, and it took maybe three months, but it got my rosacea slowly under control. It's been, I don't know, probably five years since I finally went to the dermatologist.

Oh, my goodness - *acid*.

The Bare Escentuals comes with a slightly acidic lotion as a first step. This was the first week I've used it more than one day in a row, or put it on at night.

This makes *sense*. Okay, the metrogel, and cool liquid.

Thank you!

*nod* You're welcome; I hope that helps, a little. I so feel for you. *g* I avoid putting anything on my face that isn't for extremely sensitive skin. I usually wash with Dove and cool water - never even warm water. much less hot - and I never use cleansers or astringents. Moisturizer, I use Eucerin, which is fragrance-free and formulated to avoid irritating skin. And I try to avoid direct sun, and hot spicy or heavily acidic foods. It's a pain, but mostly it works out ok for me.

I'm at work right now, so I'm patting my face with a damp paper towel. It helps. I've had rosecea for years, but it's just been the same - reddened skin on my cheeks, nose and chin and acne-like bumps. Other than appearance, it never bothered me. I also almost never did anything with it - a rare dose of moisturizer and that's about it. Turns out, that was the right thing to do.

Eucerin. I'll keep that in mind.

Deb, I lurk in your journal but this is something I can talk about. I've had this happen and it feels awful. It usually happens when I neglect the treatment regime or am too casual about sun exposure but sometimes it just happens. I am allergic to Benadryl so I can't say if that should have helped. I would ask what are you using for cleansing and moisturizing. Finding a gentle water based cleanser and moisturizer has done as much for me as the Metrogel, maybe more. Oh and avoiding the steroid creams helped a lot too. My first dermatologist to treat this was big on topical cortisone; I can't tell you how horribly it exacerbated the problem. Good luck and I am happy to talk about this with you any time.


First of all, Happy Birthday.

Second - I'm very bad with that sort of thing. I just wash my face in the shower and call it enough. Make-up is a very new thing for me. I only really got it for my mom's wedding, and I'm using it because I don't want to waste the money I spent.

When I think to moisturize, I use a hypoallergenic oil-free moisturizer - I have oily and very sensitive skin anyway.

What do you use to cleanse and moisturize, if I may ask?

Cortisone has never worked for me for anything.

Cool towel is working, if only because I'm patting it on my face instead of rubbing my fingers.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

Like you, I don't use makeup. With my skin it's just not worth it. I save makeup for special occasions only, like weddings or when I think cameras might be lurking. I find that even when I don't think my face is too bad the rosecea manages to manifest itself on film.

Both of my skincare products come from h20plus: Marine Cleansing Gel and their Face Oasis gel moisturizer. For me even the creamy-type oil-free hypoallergenic moisturizers are too much. I was introduced into the cleanser by a friend after three years of unrelenting redness and skin pain. I tried it and it was as if my face gave a deep sigh of relief. You have a store in Manhattan and I'd recommend going there rather than ordering online; they usually have samples and the last thing you need is another expensive product you can't use.

I do the cool water thing if I have a flare up too. It's usually the only recourse when I'm at work. Anything to keep your fingers off of it! I hope you get some relief soon.