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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
On a different note

Molly Weasley is not the most loved character in HP fandom - some people think she's terrible. Just like other mothers in literature. I'm thinking, right now, of several of Jane Austen's mothers.

Molly Weasley was channeling them all. Lady Catherine (who would do anything for her daughter), both Mrs Dashwoods, Mrs Jennings, Lady Middleton, the older Mrs. Musgrove - all of these ladies, so often despised by reader and child. And leading them all - Mrs. Bennet. Yes, she's often silly and certainly short-sighted and no one can play favorites like her, but she loves all her daughters *that* fiercely. I can so see her wielding that wand.


I'm no fan of Lady Catherine, but Mrs. Bennet - I've been changing my mind about *that* lady.

It started a couple of years ago when I did a closer reread of the scene where Lady Catherine goes to Longbourne to order Elizabeth not to marry Darcy.

Mrs. Bennet acted exactly as a gentlewoman should (which is actually surprising.) For all of Elizabeth and Darcy's apprehension, she said and did nothing that would embarrass her daughter - making Lady C look even more ill-mannered. I was quite proud of her.

And in the latest rereading - there is no doubt she is silly and gossipy and often childish, and very superficial. On the other hand, she has a very real fear governing her life - her daughters *must* marry, or they would have no means of survival. She in all likelihood had nightmares about this, about her daughters dependent on relatives or worse.

Did she go about this wisely? No - she's still very silly and childish. But her heart was in the right place. And I do believe she'd kill for her daughters.


Between this discussion and my lack of success in professional publishing, I'm seriously considering going back to "To the Chuppah."