Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

In-law update

Thank you ALL for your kind thoughts and prayers and wishes.

My father-in-law is in ICU getting blood thickeners. He's quite awake, and he now has his glasses and hearing aid, so he's not isolated. (Apparently, when the police local to where the accident was heard the words "hearing aid", they searched the car themselves for it.) But he was on blood thinners for his congestive heart failure, and - not good right now.

My mother-in-law is dizzy - her inner ear may have been disturbed when the car ROLLED OVER THE EMBANKMENT. (People, please, please, PLEASE wear seatbelts. They did - they only needed stitches.) It's going away slowly.

My brother-in-law got their belongings, including Mom's computer and her copy of HP. So she has what to read. We're trying to figure out what happens if they're released this weekend. I may well rent a car tomorrow just in case it's needed on Sunday.

Meanwhile, my mother (yes, I called her. She should know what's doing with her machateinisteh, no?) promises up and down that Lenny's a good driver.

I know what she's afraid of, and I dread the day it will have to happen, but it's, God willing, a long way away.

Jonathan is doing fine - he's spoken to his mother and brother and he's reassured that all will be well.

(Now with comments enabled.)
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