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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I am not leaving LJ.

I'm not even planning on mirroring things - yet - on my other accounts.

But I do have them. Just in case, and because I want *my* name.


I am mamadeb on GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal and JournalFen. Anyone who wishes to friend me in any of those places is welcome to do so. I will friend you back.


Sympathy on the "want my name".

I've got a permanent LJ account, so I'm also not planning on leaving. But I've decided to grab my name. Know anyone who has a journalfen invitation available?


I'm seconding that "know anyone with a journalfen invite"? Because in case everyone flees, I want to be able to join the party!

Thanks! That community is amazing. Fandom rocks.