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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This morning, as I walked to my bus stop, I saw four women all tying sheer scarves over their heads babushka style (tied under the chin). Since they were wearing dark clothing, and one was in a black pantsuit, and there's a Russian-Jewish funeral parlor across the street, it wasn't hard to figure out where they were going, and so they did.

I waited about five minutes for my bus. In that time, I saw other women, in ones and twos and threes with the occasional man, walking towards the funeral home, and all of them pulled scarves from their purses or picked them up from around their necks and tied them under their chins - sometimes fighting the wind on this lovely, bright, hot day - before going in. Mostly, they wore skirts, and the tops were appropriate for the weather (unlike my own long-sleeved blouse), but it was apparent even from half a block away where they were headed.

It was something I've actually never seen before in all my years of waiting at this bus stop - I've seen funerals, of course (although 9:30 is a bit early), but not the ladies of all ages tying on babushkas. (Although Wikipedia tells me that Russians ever actually use the word "babushka" to refer to the scarf.)


When we were in Germany, we went to a Russian Orthodox church and it was funny to watch the scarves appear out of thin air when it was time to enter the narthex.

:-) I had mine tied around the handle of my purse.

I'm not surprised - I'm sure the Jewish women got this from the surrounding culture back home.

Welcome to my lj!

Thanks! I realized it was probably a bit rude to just wander in and have a seat on the sofa without introducing myself, so I'm glad of the welcome!

BTW, I'm reading your article on being Jewish and fen...it's fascinating. Luckily, being Orthodox Christian doesn't have that much of an effect on our con habits. :-)

I don't think that was rude at all - I'm glad to see a comment.

It's...a lifestyle choice.

I honestly can't imagine. I find the requirements to be staggering and am amazed and humbled by your commitment to them.

I don't understand a lot of the things you talk about, so I've got a Google window open, as I'm reading, but wow...it's really fascinating and I'm learning something. That's so cool!

That works.

You can also email me (debra dot baker three at verizon dot net) with any questions.

And - really, it's not. Not once you get started.

Thank you for the offer and the information.

It's interesting.

They don't in Russia, but they do in Ukraine.

(Or at least in Ukrainian as she is properly spoke in Canada, which is different from standard Ukrainian because almost all Ukrainian-Canadians come from around Lviv, which before 1918 was part of Austria-Hungary. Standard Ukrainian is Kyiv Ukrainian.)

of course not. why would one refer to a kerchief as one's grandmother?

it is jsut called a kerchief (platok) in russia :)